On demand food ordering and delivery software

On demand food ordering and delivery is one of the hottest sector for entrepreneurs. Young people prefers on demand food ordering and delivery model which leads to hyper growth in this sector. So large funding is provided by venture capitalists to start and scale up this sector.

Convenient: Easy to use app through the smartphone, Fastest and most reliable delivery service, 24/7 delivery service, Time saving, Multiple restaurant choices, Cost saving, Tracking the food, Good for old people, Quick decision and easy to choose food, Easy registration, No minimum order restriction, Images of the food hooks the customers easily.

Efficient Software: Regular customers in that particular area, Store customers address and personal information, each individual customer buying in a month. Shortest path to reach customer places, Peak ordering time of a particular area, Average monthly sales from the area, Optimized driver work schedule, Maximized compensation for the drivers, Quickest customer delivery.

Employee feedback system, SMS update to the clients. Rating and review of each restaurant leads to no trial and error, Easiest payment system, and Book mark your favorite food of a particular hotel, Loyalty points, Order tracking, so the software provides a complete solution to the providers.

Advantages: More customers lead to more sales. Huge profits, more jobs for the young people. Drones will lead to quicker delivery of the food in future, Instant delivery leads to hot and fresh food, Great marketing tool for small hotels, Competition leads to huge offers for customers, No interruption in customer’s regular work. For more information click the following link https://goo.gl/tNE7GY

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