What are the must have features in the enterprise app

The user experience must be good. That means the screen design must be simple and the icons must be small and beautiful. Each icon must have a caption. Smooth touch gives best experience to the users. Usually the screen background colour will be white and the icons and the caption will be in black. So it will be more visible to the eyes.

The design must be in grid structure and each row must be grouped with related items. When you swipe with your fingers the rows and the column must move fluently.

The main functions must appear on the top of the screen like home, login, and profile.

When users try to types some text, keypad must appear immediately on the screen.

The apps page loading time must be within 3 seconds. Enterprise app must also work offline.

The mobile design features must support multi platforms and it must adjust to different screen size fluently. The push notification is a common feature so every app must have a push notification.

The common features in the apps are maps, GPS, camera, phone calls, scanning, and SMS messages, calendar, email, contact information, conference tools. So the apps must utilize the features of the smartphone for its benefits.

The apps must look good and works well, simple, easy to use, integration of the front and back end, real time transaction, reliability, security, authentication and features rich otherwise developing the app is a waste of time.

All the famous apps get update at least once in a week. So the users always feel different when using the app.

Mobile apps bring value to the business, increase customer loyalty, great advertisement tool, boost productivity, increase business processes dramatically. Overall successful mobile apps must provide a great user experience.

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