Why node.js is better than Java and .net for web, mobile and IOT applications?

Node.js is all about dynamic and speed. The webpages becoming more dynamic so the natural choice to develop webpages is using node.js.

Combining JavaScript and node.js you get a single language for client side and server side coding.

A node.js application delivers high performance and scalability and node.js applications are light weight.

Node.js shines in real-time web applications employing push technology over web sockets.

Using Node.js you can create a prototype much faster.

Node.js use of single threaded and asynchronous architecture (large number of concurrent connections with high throughput on a single thread).

REST API, chat applications, data intensive real time applications like stock market dashboard that run on distributed devices, then definitely Node.js is the best.

Fresh developers can learn faster and easily develop node.js applications. Developers productivity will increase dramatically so more profit for the all the stakeholders.

Before going to development you must consider what type of application the customer wants? What language the customer likes to develop the application? How much the Performance and scalability the application requires?

To learn more about node.js, click here https://goo.gl/MqXemZ , https://goo.gl/tNfC4s

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