Why responsive web design

  • Mobile usage is exploding (mobile internet traffic overtook desktop internet traffic).
  • Responsive web design uses a single codebase for all the computer devices instead of using separate code for each devices .So the development time is drastically reduced.
  • Responsive designs adapts to any future device’s screen sizes i.e. easy multi-device adaptation.
  • Performs well in google search results because google recommends mobile designs.
  • Provides excellent user experience.
  • Reduces the mobile development and maintenance cost.
  • Improves your SEO works.
  • Increased sales and revenue because of high conversion rates.
  • Enhanced offline browsing experience.
  • Save time when using google analytics.
  • Responsive web design ensures faster loading time of web pages.
  • Reduces duplicate web contents.
  • Keeps your websites relevant for a longer period.
  • Responsive web design ensures lower bounce rate.


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