An Author’s Collision Course With Mindset and Law of Attraction

“I firmly believe that it’s vital to not only feel good but to take inspired actions that communicate to the Universe exactly what it is that you want to manifest so it can deliver it to you in record time.”

Jaclyn Nicole Johnston

The year was 2001. I was living in Carson City, Nevada working to build a series of businesses with my brother. Realizing that we needed an infusion of cash to stay alive, I turned to a Law of Attraction practitioner in the hopes of addressing some of my money blocks.

Honestly, I had little confidence that he could help because, at the time, Law of Attraction seemed a little too metaphysical and ethereal to me. I had to work really, really hard and suspend my judgment.

But why not, I thought. So I began employing a framework given to me by this practitioner

  1. Decide what it is that you want (Ahh, duh)
  2. Raise your vibration around it ( i.e. get energized and excited about it)
  3. Suspend all doubt that it will occur (i.e. Because others have seen it occur in their life, it is definitely within the realm of possibility)

Before sharing with you what resulted from my experience with Law of Attraction, I want to introduce you to an author who is on course to make a huge impact in this space.

Her name is Jaclyn Nicole Johnston, a.k.a. Journal Girl Jaclyn, the CEO of Manifest It! She is the author of a new book entitled Don’t Feel Stuck: Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset and Live in Universal Abundance

Jaclyn is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where she majored in English and minored in Communication Studies. In addition to her work as a writer and coach, she is currently assisting physicists at the University of Texas at Arlington. This work she says aligns with her love for Universal possibilities, the psychology of mindset beliefs, and the meaning of life, itself.

Here are a few of her thoughts regarding mindset and Law of Attraction

Please tell us about your life journey and what you’re discovering about yourself?

I have always been a spiritual person and growing up I thought I was “weird” or not from this planet because I didn’t realize that I am empathic and very intuitive. As soon as I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and discovered that I’m an INFJ, it began to make a sense to me. (INFJ’s make up 1–2% of the world’s population). I realized now I am NOT “weird,” but rather extremely independent and original in my thought process.

How did you come to write your book?

While assisting some physicists at the University of Texas-Arlington, I started diving deeper into the law of attraction and began studying it from a spiritual standpoint. I did an experiment on myself for 10 months which I refer to as Mastering Your Mindset journaling and I learned how to manifest 99% of my life’s goals within 10 months. It was through this process that I began to realize how most of us feel stuck in our lives. We are NOT stuck, we just FEEL stuck, there is a big difference. So this is how I developed my journal workbook, “Don’t Feel Stuck!”.

The subtitle of your book refers to a “Life of Universal Abundance.” What exactly does this mean?

Living in Universal Abundance, for me, means an abundance of ALL realms. It could mean wanting to manifest your ideal relationship, more money, your dream career, more travel, more soul-tribe relationships, a healthier physique, and even overall peace of mind and soul-authentic happiness in your life. The journal workbook I wrote helps you to discover, uncover, and learn how to RELEASE your limiting mindset thoughts and beliefs in order to teach you how to establish a new, more positive, abundant, and manifesting set of mindset beliefs.

How does the journaling process inform all of this?

Great question. So did you know that you can speed up your manifestations through the powerful tool of visual writing? Mastering Your Mindset journaling ties cognitive training with proven powerful law of attraction methods in order to allow people to release and call in their soul’s truest happiness and path in life.

In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception of the Law of Attraction?

The biggest misconception I see is that there is often this belief that you can just visualize something and it will fall into your lap. Law of Attraction typically doesn’t work that way.

So How Does Law of Attraction Actually Work?

Everything in the Universe is made up of particles that vibrate. We call this energy. In the words of Dr. Albert Einstein, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Therefore, our neural signals do create energy vibrations which the Universe responds to. This allows us to take soul-inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what we’re seeking to call into the physical realm.

Can you offer an example?

Sure. If you are wanting to start your own e-commerce business, visualizing yourself performing as the CEO of your company can be enhanced when you start taking soul-aligned actions such as enrolling in courses in order to learn HOW to start your own e-commerce business. And because our mindset beliefs stem from our subconscious, it’s a wonderful process to be able to discover and release what is holding us back belief wise so that we can continue to propel forward along our soul’s truest path in calling all of our manifestations into our physical realm.

So we’re talking visualization, mindset, and actions?

Yes, visualization is so important, and mindset journaling helps one to shift their mindset. This allows a person to take more soul-based, soul-inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what one really wants in their life.

Who is this book ideally designed for and how can readers benefit from it?

“Don’t Feel Stuck!” is ideally designed for those of us who are tired of feeling stuck in their lives and want to learn how to speed up their manifestations. It’s not for everyone. It is for those who are willing to allow for changes and are willing to ALLOW for blessings to come into their physical realm. It’s not a “sit back and wait” type of method. Rather it’s for the serious souls who are ready to actually call in all their manifestations into their physical realm. And they WILL as long as they are open to allowing them to do so.

I bet you have a lot of skeptics.

Heck, I was one myself when I first learned about this. But I’ve since discovered from my own experiences and those of others that The Universe either delivers to you exactly what you want or something MUCH BETTER. It’s phenomenal and amazing when you surrender to its timing and the “how” because it happens SO QUICKLY for you when you DO surrender and live with an empowering and positive mindset.

So in conclusion, what main message are you hoping to convey to readers of your book?

You are what you tell yourself you are through your own stories. Everything in the Universe can be changed through particle vibrations. The only thing constant in the Universe is change. If you keep telling yourself the same belief stories over and over again, this is what you’ll create in your physical reality. So the Universe IS responding to what you are creating through your belief system.

If you want all your blessings to come into your physical realm, you gotta allow for change. Change can be scary for most of us; however, it’s also something you can do through progressive mental steps. Confucius once said, “it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Manifesting is a journey, not a destination. Your blessings ARE manifesting into your physical realm and when you enjoy the ride along the way, your manifestations emerge more rapidly!

P.S. Remember my experience with the Law of Attraction practitioner above. Within three months it yielded me a much need $50,000 check from a new client, my highest one-time payout ever.