January 2009…..That’s when Bitcoin first burst onto the scene, signifying the first working implementation of the distributed, digital ledger known as the blockchain. Today the rapid acceleration of Blockchain-based networks as a foundation of one’s digital life continues to garner increased attention in the media world.

In 2014, I began honing my journalistic chops by charting the global rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this space has taken a significant hit amid the recent bear market crypto winter. Bitcoin’s current value is currently a pittance relative to its 2017 peak of nearly $20,000 per coin.

Bitcoin is the mother of…

“I firmly believe that it’s vital to not only feel good but to take inspired actions that communicate to the Universe exactly what it is that you want to manifest so it can deliver it to you in record time.”

Jaclyn Nicole Johnston

The year was 2001. I was living in Carson City, Nevada working to build a series of businesses with my brother. Realizing that we needed an infusion of cash to stay alive, I turned to a Law of Attraction practitioner in the hopes of addressing some of my money blocks.

Honestly, I had little confidence that he…

“How do we best prepare ourselves for the future. By learning how to think differently about the future.” — Thomas Frey, Futurist

During my years in Colorado, I became acquainted with Thomas Frey. As the founder of the Da Vinci Institute, a think tank located in the Denver-Boulder corridor city of Louisville, Colorado, Frey invests his time, energy and attention unearthing futuristic trends and innovations that inform our lives.

Having heard Thomas speak for groups on a number of occasions, I can tell you that he is damn interesting. …

Ever had a creative idea that made you want to drop everything and immediately pursue it? You know, the make money, change the world and experience fulfillment type of idea.

This mindset of skydiving off a cliff with no backup parachute is prominent within many startup circles. For years this has been the raison d’etre of budding entrepreneurs — living out of their cars and abandoning loved ones while rarely eating and sleeping — all in the spirit of breaking it big. …

I’ve been in a reflective mood of late. Nearly all of my writing business in the blockchain/crypto space has dried up, leaving me with a simmering angst about what’s next on my journey.

Eastern philosophy has long been a grounding place for me amid the ebbs and flows of life. That’s why I was delighted when author and fellow Buddhism enthusiast William Irwin reached out to me recently about his newly released book Little Siddhartha.

In May of 2017, Asian, European, and African leaders from sixty-eight countries gathered in Beijing for the inaugural Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) summit. It signaled the launch of a groundbreaking infrastructure investment plan in that area, one that promises to reshape the global economic landscape.

Together, the governments in attendance pledged trillions of dollars over the coming decade to fuel a new Silk Road era — one that fuses together the world’s largest population centers into hubs of commerce and cultural exchange.

I first learned about this project in The Economist which I’m a proud subscriber of. As a…

Since 2014, I’ve been closely following the emergence of blockchain as an independent journalist. It’s been a fascinating ride charting its influence on government, business, economics, and societies throughout the world. Along the way, this nascent technology has experienced major highs as well as stumbles and pitfalls — with the latter being the result of inflated expectations and misguided intent.

If you are unfamiliar with what blockchain is, let me offer you this brief primer. In short, it’s a distributed ledger technology that undergirds Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, when used with a capital B denotes the foundational…

Adam is his name. He’s a typical small town guy who grew up on a farm, went to the local elementary school, did chores and played with his friends. That was until his district changed halfway through the school year, forcing him to move to a school further away with no familiar faces.

It was the first grade and being the new kid in any grade moved halfway through a school year was in his words “social homicide.”

He says that he didn’t have many friends that year. But he took solace in the school library.

“Being in first grade the book selection was limited, but that didn’t stop me. I taught myself to read with the help of my teachers and quickly outgrew picture books. I can remember consuming anything with words. Breakfast cereal boxes, product packaging of any kind, instruction manuals. I worked my way up to novels and couldn’t get enough words. I caught the fever.”

Adam says that nothing…

Creative Commons Picture Credit Through Pixabay

I now live in California, a place blessed with an abundance of gorgeous landscapes, healthy food, and great weather. It’s also a haven for liberal protectionism, a flawed prescription where the state has crowned itself the de facto “Big Brother” for its citizens through oppressive regulation and taxes.

On a daily basis, Californians receive clues as to who’s really in charge of their lives and businesses. I was reminded of this on a recent visit to a hip outdoor coffeehouse in San Diego’s South Park neighboorhood. While awaiting my dirty chai order, I glanced over at a signed prominently perched…

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