Corvette — A small but agile battleship © NextColony

What a wild journey. This journey has been exhausting, turbulent, emotional, motivating, inspiring and consumed a lot of coffee and donuts.

We raised 100,000 STEEM in only two weeks and that means also that we have a huge reward pool to distribute.

Current reward pool: 30,000 STEEM
30% of the income flows into the reward pool

Doesn’t sound 30,000 STEEM cool? There are three main ways to receive sweet honey from the reward pool:

  • Successful players
  • Active players

Here you can read more about the reward pool.

The huge resonance of the community takes our breath…

Transporter — First generation of Transporter © NextColony

We’re working under high pressure on the NextColony Battle module and have already made very good progress. Today we give you a little insight into the module, so that you know what to expect on June 8th.

Okay, let’s go…

  • The balancing of the Battle module is already largely completed and was implemented by @jarunik. We’re already testing the Battle module extensively with the Battle simulation.
  • You’ll…

Explorer— First generation of Explorer © NextColony

Immediately after the launch of NextColony about 2 weeks ago, we made countless optimizations and fixed bugs. An essential optimization is the API and therefore NextColony runs much smoother.

We were really overwhelmed by the mass of players. We are now working on our next big module, the battle module. The date for the start of the battle module is now fixed.

Battle starts on
June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Now it’s your turn! Expand your mines, choose the skills you want to enhance, explore the environment around your planet and search for a new planet to colonize. Join an…

Holy Rune — 50% Boost © NextColony

A special concern for us is the establishment of a functioning ecosystem. Trading is an elementary component of NextColony. In order to give all traders a real benefit, it is therefore important that we are limiting some items. This is why we are going to fulfilling this wish today.

This sentence is on the NextColony website and we take it very seriously:

Trade digital collectibles

We announce today that we limit the Runes from now on. There are three different Runes, which are limited as follows:

  • Mighty Rune (250 pieces)
  • Holy Rune (100 pieces)

If these Runes…

The launch was successful. Hundreds of ships left the uninhabitable, destroyed earth a few hours ago. At the moment it is not clear whether all humans succeeded in escaping from the earth. We can only hope.

After a flight of several months through the undiscovered depths of space, the settlers have finally discovered their planet. Planet Alpha.

It can’t be ruled out with certainty that there are other living beings on the planet, but that is secondary for the time being.

The planet is small and raw, but it seems to be the only way out for the settlers. The…

The NextColony auctions are a hot topic on the Steem blockchain. Now that the final is near, we want to get rid of some things.

Okay, let’s go…

  • Most of the bids were dropped at the end of the last auction and therefore the end was enormously exciting. Important note: Bid in time, because it’s getting hot in the last 30 minutes.
  • Place…

So far, we’ve talked not much about the reward pool. Waving with rewards would have been way too easy. But today we offer you a rough overview.

Let’s got…

30% of the income flows into the reward pool
Current reward pool: Approx. 4,500 STEEM

The reward pool currently amounts to approx. 4,500 STEEM. So we calculate from the start of the auctions. There are three main ways to receive rewards.

  • Successful players
  • Active players

Wonder of the universe

Building a wonder of the universe is an enormous challenge even for a strong alliance. All settlers are encouraged to cooperate. At…

We are proud to announce that the module Fleet has been completed. Three days ago the first fleet was built, assembled and sent to deep space. This module was the biggest challenge so far. This important milestone has been successfully achieved. Now, we’re working on the next module.

This is our progress so far:

  • Shipyard ✓
  • Planets (show/sort) ✓
  • Galaxy ✓
  • Skills ✓
  • Balancing ✓
  • Shop (chest/rune) ✓
  • Fleet (explore/transport) ✓
  • Fleet > Missions ✓

We are now ready to start in 7 days.

What’s happened in the NextColony universe?

We would like to point this out clearly…

© NextColony

There is not much time left until the end of the second auction and we’re very proud of the progress on NextColony so far. We’re working hard behind the scenes. We have been working full time for several weeks and we only rest when we run out of coffee or donuts.

We get a lot of positive feedback from redfishes, minnows, dolphins, and whales from different parts of the world. We know that many eyes are on us. …

We kicked off a pretty crazy trip with NextColony. Our pace is enormous and has reached a completely new level due to the increase in the team.

The first auction was a complete success. In numbers this means:

  • On the day of the auction, there were over 400 visitors on the website.

Since the request to receive more information, we’re fulfilling this now. We’re gonna provide a small extract and roughly sketch the roadmap. Rough because the roadmap is constantly developing.

Okay, let’s see what we have done and where the future is going…


NextColony is a last days space simulation with RPG elements and tradeable collectibles built on the Steem blockchain.

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