Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World 2016 2017||Must watch ======================================================== Many countries are now increasing their power by many ways to rule on the world, but the main question is on this place is that power of country increase on what purposes? What are main things which make a country powerful? What are the aspects to increase power? Here are some of Question about this topic. So is the Military power of a country making country powerful? Or is economic productions and foreign influences effect on this stage or not? But on this stage all of these three factors are important to prove a country is powerful or not but there are some other factors which have great effect on a country which include income per person, growth rate, Gross domestic product, economic power and mainly the budget of a country on its defense and military. These entire factors decide the power of a country. So here is the list of top 10 most powerful countries of the world 2016. 1: United States of America 2: United Kingdom 3: Germany 4: China 5: France 6: Russia 7: Japan 8: India 9: Netherlands 10: Canada most powerful country in the world military most powerful country in the world in 2050 most powerful country in the world 2020 top 10 powerful country in air force most powerful countries in the world wikipedia most powerful country in asia most powerful country in war most powerful country in the world 2016 You can watch my another videos on: Find me on Blogger: Twitter: Instagram: Medium:

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