37million realities, and you choose one?

The thing about the knowledge of other realities, is that you can move your way towards one or the other, in spite of your daily actions; not just because of them.

In reality, (no pun intended), the likelihood is that you’ve kept yourself upon your initial path. Words like dreams, hopes, and regrets shroud the realities on either side of you. For they are expectations different from the norm, and every reminder of a, “failed, suspended, or delayed” form of any of these nouns holds you back.

You can help it.

See, realities are held back only with thought. You are only as stuck in a certain reality as you allow yourself to be. Some of us hang back here to bring you back up to life. Sometimes a tap on the back, a kind word or thought.

Sometimes a blog post written listening to David Bowie, a fellow Capricorn lost only a week ago may entice some sort of change. Born January 8th, 1947. Do Know Hime, but I’ll Spare You His Story, for now.

Lately, David Bowie’s award winning son Duncan is directing a 2016 movie, “Warcraft”, an adaptation of the decade popular MMORPG.

Isn’t it interesting that I would find this time of his passing to be influential with his art and his offspring, and the reality I find myself in. Perhaps I am passed back and forth through certain influencers’ realities.

In the end, it’s helpful to find out what you like to be surrounded by. It can be with a lot of people, a group of people thinking about how does time not exist, if that’s truly the secret, then then it’s literally a bit of a race towards the high tower. To be free of it, seems true, and even freer yet more defined in a reality. To seek the high tower, or to seek the metaphorical high tower, or to literally change both to find a place where they merge.

Turn and face the strange changes.

Time may change me, but I can’t trace time. I can’t go back and find a route I meant to take. I am a physical blossom. 
I am more like a plant than a human being. I’m a plant that can keep bouncing back; I can grow with a little wonder inside.

Keep your joints loose.

I am here and you are, too.


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