How Nextio Can Help You Launch Your Career

Google “how to get your first job out of college,” and the results will most likely be grim. Words like “mistakes,” “frustration,” and “sucks” will pop out at you. At least they did for me. But start picking through the results, and you’ll find some valuable advice. Here’s a quick synthesis of the pointers you’re bound to find:

  1. Target a couple of positions after deciding the type of job you want.
  2. Assemble a list of potential employers, and target locations where you’d be open to living.
  3. Find contacts at those employers and reach out to them.
  4. Find out what alumni of your college are up to and how they might help connect you to the right job.
  5. Polish your online profile to make it appeal to potential employers.
  6. Don’t expect your first job to be your ultimate dream job. Instead, think of it as a stepping stone in your dream career path.

The problem with all this free advice is that few sites tell you how to act upon it. For instance, how do you assemble a list of potential employers, locations, and mentors without spending hours and hours researching one company, one city, or one alumnus at a time?

This is where Nextio Career Insights can help. We’ve analyzed millions of résumés and career paths to show you where students who graduated from your college with your major got their first job and where they landed later in their careers. We also show you how compatible you are with the jobs that interest you, and what you need to do to improve your qualifications. But the real power of Career Insights, aside from giving you free access to this opportunity network and showing you what it’ll take to land your dream job, is that it aggregates job information across companies, locations, and college alumni. In other words, the research that would otherwise take you hours, days, or weeks to complete can be accomplished in a few clicks when you join Nextio for free.

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say you’re a junior at the University of Washington pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. You want to get a head start researching tech companies where you might want to work after you graduate in a year, and maybe even try to line up an internship at one of those companies. You’ll want to tap your alumni network to see if anyone who graduated with a CS degree from UW works at one of those companies. And you’re wondering where people in the positions you’ll be considering move to as a next career step.

If you go to Career Insights and select Next Steps after Completing a Degree, you’ll get an answer to most of your questions in a matter of clicks:

You can use Career Insights to dig into additional details about any position, including the skills it requires and how you measure up. Then you can use this information to zero in on the skills you’ll want to acquire, and update your Nextio profile and résumé.

Drill deeper and you’ll find a list of people, including UW alumni, in a position that interests you so that you can connect with them for career advice, potential mentorship, and possibly even help getting a foot in the door. And if they’re on Nextio too, you can direct message them for free if they’re open to hearing from fellow alumni. A key benefit of Nextio is that messaging is free when a sender and recipient have a common interest. When someone you don’t know sends you a promotional message, you can monetize your inbox and earn money when you reply.

But what if you want to move across the country and launch your career in NYC, where you don’t know anyone, UW doesn’t have as strong an alumni network, and you don’t know which companies have “software engineer” positions? Career Insights can help you in this situation too. Just select New York City under Software Engineer in Other Cities, and you’ll see a list of all the companies that hire for that title.

And if you still want to see where fellow alumni have worked in your dream location, you can do that too. Just return to the Career Insights dashboard, select Companies that Hire Alumni in a Location, and enter your search criteria to find a list of companies in the NYC area that hired UW alumni with CS degrees into with software engineer positions.

The idea is that connecting you to your first job out of college — and to the people who might help you land it — shouldn’t be fraught with “mistakes” and “frustration.” And the process shouldn’t “suck” — if you have the right tool to put big data and analytics to work for you. It’s your career and your future. Let the world be your oyster. Join Nextio for free and get ready to pry it open and see the opportunities waiting for you.

Anoop Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of Nextio, a new professional messaging platform that pays professionals for their time and attention, while opening up new career opportunities. Anoop was formerly a professor at Stanford and his first startup VXtreme was acquired by Microsoft in 1997. While at Microsoft, Anoop was Technology Assistant to Bill Gates from 2001–2003; the founding VP for Unified Communications group (now a multi-billion-dollar business) and he has been responsible for numerous other business incubations and innovations at Microsoft. Find him at or on Twitter @nextio.