Want To Be A Celebrity? Be a Celebration!

“Every day is a holiday. Every meal is a feast.” — Marine Corps Mantra

The holidays are a special time of year. We slow down and make time to see family we don’t see regularly. People strive to be kind and generous. We break out the fine china, buy gifts for the ones we love, splurge on feasts, and don our best holiday sweaters to mark the occasion.

What if you lived today, and every day, as if in the spirit of celebration? Many of us see happiness and celebration as something that will exist in a theoretical future, when all the circumstances have finally been aligned to “allow” happiness.

As we look at our lives, we can all identify things that we want that we don’t have (yet) and we can find some areas that are working and some areas that are not working. We live in some level of perpetual dissatisfaction because there’s a natural tendency to focus on what is we don’t have, what is wrong or missing (breakdowns), rather than what we do have and what is working. We feel that happiness lies on the other side. Once that happens, then we will be able to be happy and celebrate.

What we focus on grows, so this sends a lot of energy to aspects of our lives that are dissatisfying and will give us more to be dissatisfied with. And even as we handle some breakdowns, more will appear. That is the nature of life. We will never be completely free of breakdowns, and therefore if we are waiting until all are handled before we are happy, we will be waiting until we die.

If we were to take that same energy and instead focus with gratitude on the positive aspects of our lives, enjoying what is working, appreciating what we already have, and being present to the moment rather than placing happiness in the future, we will generate more to be grateful for. The reality is, for the majority of us, even in the middle of what seem to be serious breakdowns, far more is working in our lives than not working. Focus on that and you will find you already have all that you need and more! If you are alive and breathing, you don’t have to wait. You can start celebrating now!

Here’s an inspiring video from brand guru Steve Edge that recently went viral on Facebook, where he talks about why he dresses every day like it’s a party.

You don’t want to wait your whole life for a special occasion that may never come to dress up, break out the fine china, and celebrate. This holiday season, bring the spirit of celebration alive in yourself and spread it to others. Be the source of positivity and joy. Bring everyone’s focus to what’s working in their lives and in the world, and enjoy your own wonderful life.

Let the party begin!