DApps For Blockchain Logisitcs

NextPakk DApps can be applied to any shipping solution at any scale. From import/exports to shipping cars across cities to shipping industrial goods among distribution channels our DApps seeks to lead the pack.

However we are committed to use this solution to fix the Last Mile logistics problem by driving the business through partnerships across small businesses across the country to hold our Package Delivery Points (PDPs) and building a fleet of share economy drivers across the country to bring down the issues that all the eCommerce and local businesses face in getting their goods in the buyer’s hands, the moment that matters.

In areas where there are substantial losses in shipments, Pakka blockchain will be a welcomed solution for both manufacturers and shippers as the shipment is fully guaranteed by the underlying collateral in Pakka tokens.

Moving Rural Agriculture Produce for rural farmers whose produce is inaccessible to mainstream logistics infrastructure to destinations across the globe will prove to be a game changer in first-mile logistics. A perfect example for this use case would be transporting coffee beans in south African countries and beyond. Logistics as we know will never be the same. Look for NextPakk to play the role of change agent in this new frontier.

Pakka Token Tech Advantages

  1. Frictionless Real-time settlement (2–5 seconds)

2. Transparent, efficient & scalable

3. Cryptographically secure transactions

4. Applications without boundaries

5. Built in Escrow functionality

6. Hostable, decentralized and trustless logistics business platform

7. Framework for conducting logistics business anywhere on the planet

8. No need for long standing contractual agreements and trusted parties


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