Written by Liz Bittiker

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I’m Liz, and I’m a sucker for subscription services.

I feel giddy when I get access to a service or receive physical goods in the mail on a recurring basis, all with minimal effort required on my part. As I type this, I am a loyal subscriber to about 8 different subscription services. Shoutout to my absolute fave, Le Tote (not an #ad).

My newest subscribed obsession? MealPal.

MealPal’s mission is to give busy professionals quick and easy access to seemingly cheap meals with a few taps on their phone. …

Written by Lizzie Kreitman and Brad Swain

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Trust is built into us from the very beginning. That doesn’t mean we inherently trust every single person we see, but it means that we are hard-wired to generally trust those around us. This is especially true if those around us look and act like we do.

With that being said, you can imagine that it might be more difficult for companies to garner trust from people. Companies are not human and are less likely to remind us of ourselves. …

Written by Lizzie Kreitman & Brad Swain

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Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash

As the new year begins, resolutions are on everyone’s minds. With the start of a new year, people are more likely to take a moment to take stock of their lives, look at the big picture, and take action to make changes. This feeling of breaking with the old and starting anew, is known to behavioral scientists as the fresh start effect.

You can find yourself subject to this feeling a lot — new year, month, semester, or even apartment. Each time, you think, “I’m going to make a change” and sometimes you succeed, but I’d venture a guess that more times, you run out of steam and let your progress fall away. This phenomenon of starting something new and eventually sliding back into your old habits, is known to behavioral scientists as well. …


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