Written by Liz Bittiker

I’m Liz, and I’m a sucker for subscription services.

I feel giddy when I get access to a service or receive physical goods in the mail on a recurring basis, all with minimal effort required on my part. As I type this, I am a loyal…

Written by Lizzie Kreitman and Brad Swain


Trust is built into us from the very beginning. That doesn’t mean we inherently trust every single person we see, but it means that we are hard-wired to generally trust those around us. …

Don’t forget last year’s goals when planning for the new year

Written by Lizzie Kreitman & Brad Swain

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash

As the new year begins, resolutions are on everyone’s minds. With the start of a new year, people are more likely to take a moment to take stock of their lives, look at the big picture, and take action to make changes. …

by: Brad Swain, Lizzie Kreitman, and Shirin Oreizy

Think back to the last conference you attended. Why did you go? Was it for the food? Maybe the constant and never-ending march of complicated slides across a screen brings you joy. …

And how to avoid it next time

by, Lizzie Kreitman


Before I started here at Next Step, I planned a trip to Napa with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. I did copious research on places to stay and vineyards to visit, trying to find ways to bundle aspects of the trip to make it more cost…

Raise more money by tuning into how people really make decisions

by, Lizzie Kreitman


If you have ever worked in sales, you know that getting people to buy your product is difficult because no one likes spending money. But if you can prove that it is valuable, especially more valuable than a similar product, it will be worth it for them…

Using the science of how we make decisions to keep your home clean


It’s almost April and you can feel spring is in the air (well, you can on the west coast). Something about warmer weather makes me yearn for a clean apartment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me necessarily want to clean my apartment.

So, how can I go from constantly tripping over…

Use behavioral science to stay on track

by, Lizzie Kreitman

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

February is coming to an end and that means it’s time to check in on the first two months of the new year. How are your goals coming along? Did you even make resolutions this year or did you just say you’ll “try to do better”?


One small change in the morning can ripple through your day

By, Lizzie Kreitman


Did you know that our brains hardly notice a change that is less than 10% different? Even if it is positive — a discount of 8%, for example — it is difficult for us to process that something has changed. …

Asking out your crush doesn’t have to be scary when you understand how humans make decisions

By Lizzie Kreitman


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. …

Next Step

We’re a behavioral marketing agency in SF that uses the science of human decision-making to help companies efficiently achieve their missions. And we have fun!

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