🚨 $5000 NXT giveaway 🚨

Take your chance to win 5 x $1000 worth of Next Token !

To participate follow the rules :

  • join the official Telegram Channel : https://t.me/NextTokenOfficialChat
  • - buy at least $50 worth of NXT (it will be check please do not try to cheat)

The giveaway start from now and the winner will be pick on March 31st.

Do not hesitate to share this to all your contact.

Good Luck 🍀

NXT Team



The team has for a while been able to accumulate a quantity of supply allowing us to offer you a nice Bonus!

As you know the contract no longer sells tokens for marketing and to support the project in its growth here is what we offer:

Any purchase over 0.25 BNB, we will automatically send you 30% of supply bonus. 🔥

You are not dreaming this is an exceptional bonus.🤯

The offer is valid from now until Thursday 11:59 AM ( Paris time)

This offer is unique and will not be repeated! Don’t miss YOUR chance it will be too late then.

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Why does stacking provide a good sustainability to NXT projet ❓

Strong of its 100% yearly passive income, the stacking platform helps to keep an high buying pression on the chart and reward holders for their trust ✅

Feel free to join the adventure or follow its evolution : www.nxt-token.com

Contract ( binance smart chain) : 0x7601157e00750e2adc28b2cb2a51419bdca53ac9

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The NEXT TOKEN is a token whose objective is to allow the creation of a networking platform between influencers and companies.