Next Token V2, how to migrate your tokens from V1 ?

Next Token is evolving, and his Smart Contract also. Today through this post we’ll see in detail the advantages of this update and how to migrate your tokens to Next Token V2 (MetaMask and Trust Wallet).

Next Token V2, what advantages ?

With the contract from the Next Token V2 deployed the 13rd december, Next Token becomes more reliable and new features are introduced.

  • Implementation of a staking system (1, 3 and 6 months) to reward holders
  • Lowering the purchase fees to 0% in order to be listed on exchanges when it is appropriate
  • Make the contract lighter in terms of fees (gas fees, gwei)
  • Scalability and adaptability on different aspects, the new contract will allow better evolutions in the future
  • Possibility to recover all the tokens that would have been sent by mistake (BNB or other Binance Smart Chain tokens) on the contract
  • Possibility to integrate a bridge on the Solana network in the medium-long term
  • Better Trust Score on Certik, thanks to a better and clearer code
  • As well as other details that will make the difference on the good functioning of the contract and its understanding

Next Token V2, how to get your tokens from the previous contract ?

In order to transfer your old Next Token V1 tokens to Next Token V2, here is the procedure to follow. Please note that this tutorial only works for MetaMask users for the moment. However, we will also see how to export its Trust Wallet seed phrase in order to establish the connection of its wallet to MetaMask.

Be careful, during the migration, do not buy or sell your Next Token (V1 or V2), your tokens will be lost permanently, no refund can be applied. Also, if you want to transfer your tokens to another wallet, you can only perform these actions with your Next Token V2 during the migration.

  1. Go to our official web app to claim your Next Token V2 tokens

2. Click the “Connect” button to link your wallet with your Next Token V2 tokens

3. Click the “Claim V2” button

4. Validate the contract approval from the MetaMask popup, wait a fewseconds to get a second popup and validate the transaction fees

5. The transfer of your tokens has been completed

6. Also remember to add the new contract (0x7601157e00750e2adc28b2cb2a51419bdca53ac9) to your wallet in order to show them in your portfolio

How to use MetaMask as a Trust Wallet user ?

If you are a Trust Wallet user you can export your wallet and connect to it through MetaMask. Here is how to do it.

  1. In Trust Wallet, go to the “Settings” tab and then “Wallets”

2. Click the “i” icon of the portfolio you wish to export and “Show Secret Phrase”

3. Carefully write down the words that make up your seed phrase in order. Be careful, never communicate your seed phrase, keep it on a physical document, never digitally for more security

4. Install the MetaMask browser extension or the official smartphone application

5. Access the extension or the application and insert your seed phrase by separating each word with a space

6. From the extensions only, set a password, this is a local password that unlocks your extension when you access it

7. Add the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet (video tutorial)
This tutorial is now complete.

If you have any difficulties migrating your tokens, please contact us by joining our Telegram group.

The Next Token team



The NEXT TOKEN is a token whose objective is to allow the creation of a networking platform between influencers and companies.

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The NEXT TOKEN is a token whose objective is to allow the creation of a networking platform between influencers and companies.