How uses Slack’s Socket Mode to connect on-prem

Socket Mode connects on-prem software with Slack

As Slack app developers, we create solutions that save time, increase productivity, and foster effective communication. Our most popular apps connect Slack to Atlassian and are used by all kinds of organizations — even the most security-conscious enterprise companies.

Previously, connecting to on-prem systems were a challenge, but now Socket Mode makes it much simpler.

Cloud is the future

At, the majority of our customers use our secure multi-tenant SaaS platform. To build trust with these companies we have SOC-II Type 2, HIPAA compliance, bug bounty, and offer data residency. …

Today we are excited to announce our latest feature to further reduce context switching and keep your team in sync. With our release this morning you can now include Jira in the steps of your workflow in Slack.

When Slack announced the open beta for workflow steps from apps we know immediately that creating issues in Jira would be a powerful addition for the 75% of workflow builders that are non-technical.

This zero-code integration provided with Jira Integration+will open up endless possibilities for teams working in Workflow Builder.

How it works

  1. Navigate to Tools > Workflow builder in Slack
  2. Create a new workflow…

Support is defined as follows –> “to bear all or part of the weight” or “enable to function or act”.

If your support team has ever saved you from a rock and a hard place, then you know the definition is completely true. While we genuinely value the help that our support teams offer, few companies actually take the steps to streamline their support programs in tangible ways.

It begs the question — who supports the support team?

The Venn diagram that represents the overlap between customer success and support teams is increasingly becoming less of a Venn diagram and…

Amazon is a massive company. With 840,000 employees, internal communication is incredibly important — especially considering the number of teams and time zones that Amazon works across. Bezos spearheads innovation. He’s always expanding and looking for ways to become more efficient. As you may have read, Amazon recently announced a partnership with the workplace chat app, Slack.

Slack, as you well know, is a collaboration app meant for internal communication within companies. Functionality is centered around multiple existing channels. As such, discussions are more organized. It was only a few years ago that Outlook was the communication tool of choice…

In 2020 we are all familiar with startups. If you don’t work for one yourself or have a close friend that does, then you’re living under a rock. But in 2002, when Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar launched Atlassian, the response they received as university graduates with other promising offers wasn’t as familiar. And in Australia, a country slow to pick up on the tech boom, it was practically unheard of.

Mike and Scott’s partnership starts like many great friendships do — college. Both were in the same scholarship program at the University of New South Wales in 1998. They…

Our users have always been able to choose where they’d like their data hosted, but let us explain why data residency offerings are important to us.

Let’s begin by defining data residency — “the storage of personal information within a particular region where that data is processed in accordance with the laws, customs, and expectations of that specific region”.

Today, we support data residency in Germany, Japan, and Sydney. Why these locations specifically? Different countries practice different laws. What’s considered an “acceptable use of personal information” varies from country to country. …

Security Matters.

5/1/2020 — Toledo, Ohio —, a premier Slack Marketplace company, recently announced its successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Type I examination. GBQ, an independent Ohio-based accounting firm, conducted the audit.

“While has always put security first, I wanted to elevate this practice through an official third party audit. Our customers trust us. We want to make sure they know that this trust is not something our team takes lightly. Security matters. …

A building should suit the activity that takes place there. Architecture and design can enhance productivity, balance, and communication. After all, buildings should be easy to move around in.

Without new value-adding design innovations, we’d be stuck with the same huts we lived in centuries ago. It’s certainly not news that well-designed schools create better learning environments and workplaces with intentional architecture experience higher productivity.

Why is this true? Well — architecture shapes the way we live. It shapes how we interact with our co-workers. It directs our means to create, produce, and work.

The butcher shop needs a different…

Half of the companies in the Fortune 500 were started during a bear market or recession. In fact, Fortune Magazine itself was founded ninety days after the market crash of 1929.

FedEx, Oil Crisis of 1973

UPS, Panic of 1907

Hewlett-Packard, Great Depression

Charles Schwab, Market Crash of 1974–75

Burger King, Korean War Recession

Trader Joe’s, Eisenhower Recession

The Jim Henson Company, Eisenhower Recession

Costco, Recession in the late 70’s

Proctor & Gamble, Panic of 1837

United Airlines, 1929

Microsoft, Recession in 1973–1975

LinkedIn, Post Dot-Com Bubble

Could you imagine how much worse our current situation would be if none…

According to essayist and statistician, Nassim Taleb, “Antifragility is a property of companies that increase in their capability to thrive after experiencing stressors, volatility, and hardships”.

There is a difference between resilience in times of hardship and the concept of antifragility. The resilient companies resist shock and stay the same. Antifragile businesses actually improve and increase in value during periods of disorder. Zoom, Slack, and Atlassian are great examples of tech companies that are stronger during these strange times.

What are the common threads that tie these companies together? In each situation, the creator of these tools built this software… creates solutions that save time, increase productivity, and foster effective communication through automation.

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