Slack JIRA Bot: Features Update

Buttons, Scheduled Messages, Transitioning, Advanced Search and more

Today we are happy to announce a major release for the Nextup JIRA bot for Slack— it is now easier than ever to save your team time and money with the bot.

This release has the following updates:

  • Action Buttons
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Advanced Search Support with JQL
  • Transition Issues
  • Voting & Watching

We are also happy to announce the option to pay annually for the bot with a 20% discount. This was a common request from large teams that would prefer to submit a single expense report annually rather than month by month — Check out the new pricing page

Action Buttons

Nextup JIRA already provides the easiest way to keep track of your tickets. Our bot implementation listens to chats where the bot has been invited and automatically responds with ticket information.

Your team keeps normal behavior and the bot provides value automatically

This feature is our most popular and original feature. With version 2.0 we introduced the ability to take action from Slack using commands to the bot. The teams that embrace these features fully understand the value of Nextup — however, we realize its a bit nerdy and hard to remember to use “assign SM-12 me”

Today we bring actions to everyone with simple and easy to use buttons returned with your ticket responses.

Buttons returned with JIRA information in Slack Message

This version includes the following buttons on single ticket responses:

  • Assign to Me
  • Transition — read more below
  • Watch
  • Vote

When more than one ticket is returned a new button is visible allowing you to see the action buttons for all items.

Find out more and see the details on the guides & usage help page

Scheduled Messages

Our teams have reported asking Nextup for the same information a frequent basis and asked for an auto-message feature. There are lots of reasons why this is a valid use case.

Here are some good examples from our users:

  • Chat rooms associated to projects that want daily ticket summaries
  • Users who want tickets assigned to them
  • Managers looking for issues that were marked as completed but failed QA
  • Reports of time logged for the week
  • etc
With this release you now have the option to schedule any result set from JIRA using the simple “Schedule” button.
Schedule Button Returned with Messages

You can do this with all of the pre-built commands (see what they are here) which we think people will find useful. However, we know from your feedback that you would like an endless number of custom commands to take advantage of JIRAs advanced searches using JQL.

Now you can use advanced search in combination with scheduling to query and schedule — ANYTHING.
Simple Scheduling Options

When the scheduled message is returned a button is provided allowing the scheduled response to be stopped whenever it is no longer needed.

Stop a Scheduled Message

Advanced Searches with JQL (JIRA Query Language)

Nextup provides helpful pre-build queries for assigned to me, assign to my by project, project summary, overdue, etc but teams are asking for more.

With support for Advanced Searches in JIRA we now support anything you can dream up and query in JIRA.

Example Case:

  • Jenny wants to know any bug or task assigned to Shonda that is open, in progress, to do or waiting for development and is high or medium priority.
  • She builds the query in JIRA and clicks “Advanced” to find the JIRA JQL
  • She then types “jira search + <JQL>” and the following is returned
  • This can now be scheduled if desired to be run daily, weekly, etc
  • Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here
Advanced JIRA Search in Slack with Nextup

Transitioning Issues

Moving issues between statuses is a common JIRA task. These interactions can now take place directly in Slack with the new transition button.

Transitioning JIRA issues in Slack

The transition issue button works in the following way:

  1. User clicks the button
  2. API call to JIRA to get available next statuses
  3. User is presented a set of buttons for available transitions
  4. API call to JIRA to set the correct status

Wrap Up & Next Steps

All teams on trial or premium have been upgraded to the new version automatically and teams in free mode are able to try the new version for 7 days.

Let us know what you think. We hope you will like these additional features and find even more value with Nextup.

A number of additional updates are still on the roadmap, please continue to let us know what else you would find valuable. We plan a follow up post looking at usage metrics after this update for those who are interested.

Thanks to everyone that voted for new features and your love and support to date :-)