Within the Next 30 Years: Humanity Will Be Transformed by Exponential Growth
Singularity University

A bright an unimaginable future lies ahead! Looking forward to get there and see if our species will truly colonize the universe as we imagine today’s (using spaceships for traveling over such great distances). Personally I think that living in a reality that will allow our brains to be interconnected and get access to universal knowledge, with the tools that will allow us to do virtually anything that we will be able to imagine at that time, we’ll figure out something else.

Great post, Peter! But for most people these kind of information are way far out of their grasp. For them the main goal is get a good job. That’s why I think that we need a bridge between SU and the rest of the world. There’s lot’s of people out there with creative ideas and tons of curiosity that will have to wait years until they will even have the skills to get there. And most of them are wasting their time using their creativity in small scale projects. They need a bigger mission. Already testing this idea in the travel niche.

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