“It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered.”

Source: Mike MacKenzie

A decade ago, Congress set out to make pipelines safer, but today there are more accidents on pipelines that carry gas to homes.

A home destroyed by the Merrimack Valley gas explosions. Source: National Transportation Safety Board

Air conditioners recycle air, potentially spreading viruses. This new technology allows people to stay cool while breathing fresh air.

Cooling panels draw heat away from people standing nearby. Source: Lea Ruefenach

California’s grid operator has called for building more clean power, not less.

A solar installer. Source: Pexels

A powerful heat-trapping gas is leaking from drilling sites and pipelines, and the EPA is letting oil and gas companies turn a blind eye.

The headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. Source: Environmental Protection Agency

The spiny lobster faces climate change and overfishing around the Caribbean, but it’s thriving in Maria Elena bay thanks to this collective.

José Catzim Castillo throws a freshly caught lobster into his father’s net. Source: Agostino Petroni and Sandali Handagama

A century of development fueled a surge of toxic algae along the Klamath. Now, the Karuk tribe and its allies are trying to undo the damage.

The Klamath River. Source: Bob Wick/Bureau of Land Management

Algal blooms are killing wildlife and making people sick. Here’s how we aided their reign of terror.

“I quit my day job to engage young people in the hope that we could have a better future through science literacy. I’m still fighting that fight.”

Bill Nye the Science Guy. Source: Bill Nye

Latinos consistently vote in smaller numbers than other groups. The climate crisis could change that.

Protestors marching in New York City on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Source: Erik McGregor

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