Where Can I Get Funding For Internship In China — Nexusglobe

Sometimes it feels like the key difficulty to going abroad is financing your trip, but that doesn’t have to be the case!

Crowdfunding or Fundraising has become the way to raise money for all kinds of projects since 2008 in the UK. There are too many crowdfunding platforms and it is important to find the proper platform that is just right for your abroad venture.

Want to know that where can you get funding for internship in China?

Nexus Globe has teamed up with FundMyTravel so that participants can make their very own fundraising pages online. This way, you have a creative platform to communicate personal messages, keep your audience engaged with your travel plans, and collect the funding to help make this experience a possibility. It’s free to create an account and share your campaign.

All you need to do is to make a video, showing your “5Ws”:

1. Who are you?
 2. What is the reason that you raise money for? 
 3. Where will your internship take place? 
 4. When do you expect to be finished? 
 5. Why do people fund you?

The most important thing is to leave an impression on your audience that inspires donations! Do It Differently!

After you start your fundraising campaign, with a simplified payment system, you can collect funds right to your secure PayPal or WePay account. There is a solid team of experienced travellers and professionals at FundMyTravel, who can offer you support, including insights for fundraising success.

Start your fundraising today with FundMyTravel and meaningful travel experiences around the world!

Originally published at nexusglobe.co.uk on September 23, 2016.