Paint Me A Story

My “Cosmopolitan Canopy”, would be the central area of the Mission District. It’s a popular destination for the community and tourist, because of its culture, restaurants, galleries and street art.

The first aspect that makes this place comparable to a Cosmopolitan Canopy, is the art scenes and its diversity. The Mission has all types of events, parades and fairs. It varies, from community markets, book fairs, rock concerts, and it holds a grand parade called “Carnaval” once a year. Another, comparable aspect is the different types of clientele and mixed categories of food; there is from Central American butcher shops to Vegan Cafes, and although there is too many restaurants to list, many of them have great ratings from “Bay Area Chefs We Love”.

The Mission holds many galleries, but the murals is the Mission District holds a great significance. They hold stories from social struggles, social movements, and more. The image above was taken by my cousin, Angelica Gaxiola with her iPhone 7. The mural behind me is called “Olivia”, it was done by Callie Curry, also known as “Swoon”. She holds a gallery in New York, but found it a privilege to contribute her art in the Mission District. This piece was done in 2015, which is considered new in comparison to other murals that have been around since the 1970’s. Although, graffiti is illegal in San Francisco, murals are classified as street art, and muralist hold permission from private owners or the city before they do their pieces. Therefore, overall it’s a place to be part of and observe, and it’s area that provides different types of social classes to meet and get along. However, it is also complicated, because of the street life and now it’s argued that the communities diversity might stop existing due to gentrification. It became a key area, because of the attention it grabbed from tourist and the community, so blue collar business men are slowly taking the Missions unique features and selling them for profit.

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