Beer Stylist — one-of-a-kind lifestyle app totally dedicated to help users find out the best beers.

The Beer Stylist app is something that any beer lover should have! What’s great about this neat and helpful app is that not only contains info about beers, but also there are ciders, perry and mead styles.

Is organized very neatly. You need to tap on the beer style and browse through the main ingredient if you want to explore the beers. There are tons of style variations and styles and when you pick a certain style you can see important and useful information along with beer types and brands from that particular style.

When you find an interesting beer you can read about its history, ingredients all in a neat design with lovely typography and really fast UI. There are some additional characteristics too.

You will be able to find a complete list with brewing ingredients, access research references, best food(dishes, disserts and cheeses) and glass pairing, all while enjoying the entire experience.

It is a truly unique app to have on your Android smartphone.

Try it out while you are enjoying your favorite beer!