A little goes a long way

Yesterday we did little progresses here and there for our Smart Tilang project. Everyone was kinda under the weather considering the amount of TUBES the past week. But it’s okay. A little progress goes a loooong way, people.

What we did:

  1. Uploading the data from the arduino to the database
  2. Configuring the LED, LDR, and RFID as a system
  3. Designing the logo and model (or in Indonesian we call it maket) for our final presentation
Final Circuit


  1. The balance / “saldo” calculation is still not successfully saved in the database
  2. ESP keeps on doing the restart module after reading the RFID UID card.
  3. Back End and Front End configuration is still not successful

Revealing the Logo

Not too bad right?? :-) I used photoshop for the logo. And for the model / maket I used Styrofoam, paper board, and lots of plants decoration. Can’t wait for you to see the final product. Well, that’s all from me…for now. See you soon!

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