Data Data Data

Last week we did so much progress on sending the data to external file automatically and also the database.

We realized that our ESP8266 was broken :( So our friend, Monika Tarsisia was kind enough to lend us hers. To send the data to the external file automatically, we need use the .ino file. At first, we kept on failing but later on we realized that the Apache was not even on…. After we fixed that, the program worked just fine. Here is the output in the external file.

Now, time to do the latter task. Zaka has finished coding to connect us to the database with the file: receiver.php.

This php file achieved 2 things:

  1. Starting the connection to the database
  2. Writing the data to the database

After we tried it for the first time, it immediately WORKED. Trust me, we had too many failures every time we tried something for the first time and this RARELY happens to us (I think that’s why we’re so surprised by this hahaha)

Sending the Data: Successful!
Our circuit


Don’t forget to turn on Apache. The simplest thing can be so crucial, folks.