An Automated Wealth Management Platform That Grows With You

Reports indicating that robo advisors(automated wealth management solutions) are getting closer to you day by day, but should you be afraid?

Short answer: Absolutely not!

Robo advisors are your personal financial advisors, they automatically make investments for you based on the objectives you have given to them. But how could you trust them with your finances? They don’t even know you as a person? Beep invalid statement detected!

They know you! They know you even better and more personally than your previous human advisor who used to take a look at your preferences files before he called you. Robo advisors these days intend to analyze investor’s financial performance around the clock in order to gain knowledge about you, they are friendly and they are here to improve your finances.

Lets face the fact that no human advisors will be 100% dedicated to you unless you are a billionaire.

Well, with robo advisors you get the same service as a billionaire. How? Robo advisors in order to fulfill your needs, with help of machine learning methods try to know you better by analyzing your financial data, your habits, your behavioral characteristics, they do this in order to be your most personalized financial assistant.

It’s time to know them.

Majority of financial advisors and wealth managers have decided to cooperate with them rather than competing with them directly. The disruption is real!

How did robo advisors even got here?

Plausibly the biggest advantage of robo advisors is that, they best serve the “investors”, you!

The transparency they provide is 100%, there is nothing hidden from you. They give every bit of details on how your assets are allocated or which transaction have been made on behalf of you. You could simply login to your online dashboard and see the full performance on your investments, or how much of risks your portfolio investment is withstanding.

But all of these sounds so expensive for me!

Is it?
Not at all.

robo advisors are much cheaper than you think.

The estimate annual management fee of an investment account with balance of $100,000 could cost up to $1,000 (1% of the balance) using traditional advisor, while using robo advisors this fee could be as low as 0.15% which is up to $150 ($850 lower for the same investment amount).

Putting all these facts together has increased the demand for these tools among investors, maybe it’s time for you to take a step closer and know about the future of investments.