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A software developer trying to share his do-how on anything he touches 😎👍

20 years ago, on our coffee breaks, we were talking about how impossible it was to find to decide who the BEST developer is. …

It is great to start a new software development project; there’s nothing to learn about it. Every team member will learn the project details as it evolves, and there’s nothing to miss. Everything is there on our minds, right?

But often, shit happens, and someone needs to join the team…

Let’s sing together!

If there’s someone leaving your team for a new adventure

Who ya gonna call?


If your team has new responsibilities and you need more members

Who ya gonna call?


I ain’t afraid o’ no hiring!

And HR says “Ok, let’s put up a job post…

Sports games coaches are very lucky; their job is mostly to watch their team members and coach them according to how they play.

As Software Engineering Managers ( SEMs ), we are the coaches of our teams but our coaching is mostly about the output of the individual contributors (…

I was generally criticized for not being a team player, and it was true; I was not, because my teammates were not good at what they were doing.

How To Be A Team

The summary of the “what needs to be done to be a dream team” content on the web is like this;

  1. Everyone…

I see life as a gear system and each of us as a gear in it. There are many advantages to living knowing this, but it is really difficult to implement.

As we all know, each gear has a task in the gear system; making its job. If a…

Because we are trying to provide estimates for our tasks, that’s why… We have to accept that we cannot estimate the effort for a software development task.

Hey, try to estimate this;

Continuous Improvement; it sounds great but how are we going to do that?

What is Continuous Improvement?

Our brains are always looking for patterns; it is their nature. That’s why we always want to create processes and run those processes every time we see a pattern.

As managers, we are not doing THE…

Manufacturers can do it; why can’t we?

If a task passes all the stages without an error and is never rejected or returned back from its following state, it means that we got a Flawless Victory for that task. You can check What Does Mortal Kombat And Software Development Have…

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Ninja Turtles and my star was Michelangelo. He is funny, relaxed, always looking for a break to eat pizza; there’s no reason not to like him, right?

When Michelangelo is excited, he says “cowabunga”.

It has a lot…


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