Private Discord🔒
-Discord closes at 300 members to avoid FUD from competitors and bots. This also creates more hype on our Twitter page, eventually leading to influencers noticing the project.

Etirran NFT Raffle🎫
-Raffle in which winners can earn NFTs (0.05 Solana entry free). 1 NFT will be given out for every 5 people that enter. Multiple entries can be bought, but the maximum is 5. https://wheelofnames.com will be used to choose the winners. However many entries you bought, that’s how many times your name will be written.

-999 Etirrans have broken out of the laboratory, and scientists are sent to retrieve them. Mint will last 25 hours, in the case that we don’t sell out and a couple are left (very unlikely to happen) we will close the mint and burn the remaining ones that were never minted.

Secondary Market💸
-Get our collection listed on secondary marketplaces. (Magic Eden, Solanart, OpenSea, etc.) this will allow users who want to buy and sell their Etirran to do it, also allowing the team to save up for the creation of token and staking platform.

Holder Verification System✅
-Setup of holder verification system (SolaLand or Matrica) for scientists to verify that they captured an Etirran. Having a certain holder role in the discord will give you access to the DAO channels.


DAO Creation🤝
-Creation of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). We know that Web3 is all about decentralization, so the DAO will choose what path the project takes and when it takes it.

-NEZT FORCE is activated. The NEZT FØRCE PROTOCOL is a way to raise the floor price for our collection when listed on secondary markets. Benefiting more holders and also raising the total traded volume of the collection.
Read ➜ LABPAPER to learn more.

Sales bot Integration📈
-Setup of Sales bot for our discord scientists to stay updated on sales. A separate discord channel will be created for the sales bot. Users will be able to see who bought and who sold the NFT. We will use Matrica or SolaLand for the bot setup.

Website Design👨‍🎨
-Design and launch our real website. We want to make a good-looking, user-friendly website for everyone to see. This will attract more people to the collection.

Community Wallet Creation👛
-Creation of a community wallet, in which the DAO will choose what projects are bought/minted and when they are sold/listed. To find more information, please check our LABMAP.

NEZT Token Creation🪙
-Creation of NEZT token, including weekly airdrops. The creation of our token is done, and while the staking platform is in development, we will airdrop the token to holders. Airdrops will happen through a claiming system, the holders will have to claim the Token in order to receive it. 9 $NEZT will be airdropped weekly. 3,000,000 $NEZT will ever be allocated to the staking faucet.

Derivative Collection🐣
-Have the DAO choose what our derivative collection will be. The mint price for the collection will be 0.03 Sol for Pre Sale, and 0.11 for the Public. All holders will automatically receive a Whitelist spot. Not much info on this yet because like we said, the DAO will be the one choosing what the collection will be and what it will do.


Derivative Collection Launch🐥
-Launch of the derivative collection with a supply of 1111. Holding one of these will bring benefits for future staking, such as a 2x multiplier. Still very little info on this…

-Our staking platform is launched, giving holders who stake 10 tokens a day per Etirran staked. We want to give users as much passive income as possible! Users will receive 9 $NEZT every day for every Etirran Staked. To claim, just unstake your staked NFT and you will receive the $NEZT. Might want to hold on to your Etirran when you mint!

-Weekly lore will be presented to the community as a form of stories and the origins of Etirrans. Stories will be released in a separate discord channel. You will know about the incredible origins of Etirrans, why they caused seismic waves, how they live in the Earth’s core, and what happens inside our laboratory.

-Merch giveaways to holders. Merch includes hoodies, hats, and t-shirts. Holders with 10+ Etirrans in their wallets will be able to automatically claim any piece of merch selection of their choice.

Not over yet! This roadmap marks the start of something incredible.
Lots more to come…(game, breeding, mutations, and much more)





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