My “Life”

Part 1: The Story of My Life in 100 Words

“AHHHHH!” Being scared is a frequent emotion I have. I’m scared of so many unreasonable things.If I wake up in the middle of the night I scramble to find my TV remote. The light from my TV ensures me there is no people in my room especially possessed people ーone of my biggest fears. Last month, I watched the movie Lights Out and I slept with my lights on for three days. Fears control me mentally and physically. The possibility of an outcome scares me, thankfully I have overcame a couple of fears and hopefully will conquer the rest.

Part 2: Graphing My Life

Part 3: Music That Is Important to Me

This song, L’Aurora, is a very important song in my life. Both sets of my grandparents are immigrants from Italy and Sicily. Fortunately, I got to learn Italian culture and sayings through them. When I was a baby this song would be the only thing that made me stop crying. This song has become a large piece of my childhood.

Part 4: Picture of Myself at 9:00 P.M on a Friday

My Friday night usually consists of hanging out with my friends, but this weekend I competed in a soccer tournament in Schaumburg.

Part 5: A Video of Myself Doing Something I Love on a Typical Day

On a typical day I play soccer, whether it’s with my team or by myself in my backyard.

Part 6: Inspiring People in My Life

One person I am inspired by is Neymar Jr. I am inspired by him because through his many injuries and obstacles he still manages to give it his all when he plays on the field.

Another person I am inspired by is Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa has changed the world by dedicating her life to serving on the poor and desperate, which I find a very noble act.

The last person I find inspiring in my life right now is Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry had a rough time growing up. He was sexually and physically abused, he got kicked out of high school, and he tried to commit suicide twice. To add on, Perry’s first theater production failed miserably and sadly he put every last dime he had in that show. But through all the pain and sorrow Tyler Perry ended up becoming an amazing actor, director, and writer.

Part 7: A Dream of Mine

One dream of mine that I wish to do in the future is to travel around Europe with a few of my closest friends. When I’m in Europe I will explore the foreign area and visit my family in Italy!

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