Don’t Get Hacked By Cigarettes

Often times, advertisements will just go straight over your head because they have no significance to you or don’t do a good enough job to grab your attention. This ad immediately caught my attention because it is basically just a picture of a women’s face with no mouth. At first I was kind of creeped out by the picture, but at second glass I noticed that she actually had a USB port for a mouth. When I read the caption “Don’t get hacked by cigarettes”, it all made sense. This ad uses the appeal of need for guidance and is effective because it uses a pun of comparing a comparing hacker to what cigarettes can do to your body, as if they are a virus. This technique strikes fear into the viewer because they do not want to fall victim to the cigarettes.

The need for guidance is used in this add because it is telling people not to let cigarettes take over their bodies. It uses the idea of a computer and USB port that similarly can get hacked and cause a virus. This ad is unique because it is actually a negative campaign, telling people not to buy cigarettes instead of avertising for a specific product. It is still effective because it causes people to think twice about buying cigarettes because they are truly damaging and can cause extreme harm to your brain and body. When people see this ad and read about how nicotine can “reprogram your brain” to constantly want another cigarette, they will reconsider buying this product. The constant reference to computers, using words such as “hacked” and “reprogram” as well as the image of the USB, gives viewers an ugly image of how a computer virus and a cigarette addiction are eerily alike.

Relating to this idea of computers, this advertisement is most likely geared towards growing teens and young adults who might be using or considering cigarettes. This is because people of this age are the ones that are most likely to be technologically advanced and will understand this reference the best. Obviously if their phone or computer got hacked and/or got a virus, it would be a very big deal to them. This ad does a good job of putting into perspective what it would be like if your body got a virus similar to the ones that computers or phone can get. This ad is specifically tailored to these younger people because many older people probably either don’t plan on starting smoking, or are already lifetime smokers who are unlikely to quit and probably Woukdnt understand this ad anyways. The young people are easily influenced, so it would take a powerful ad such as this to turn them away from smoking.

The potential impact of this ad is that it can have a lasting impact on teens and young adults who will not take up smoking because they have been informed that smoking is harmful. This ad specifically will cause fear and allow people to think twice before they consider smoking because they understand that nicotine can take control of our body like a hacker can to a computer. Along with other similar ads, this ad could help our generation to bring an end to smoking once and for all.