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3 min readSep 8, 2022

What is

So, what is NFA? — non-fungible art” describes the whole idea of ​​our organization. is a unique platform that helps artists to promote and sell their physical artworks through NFT. is a coming marketplace/agency dealing with the digitalization of physical paintings into NFT, and linking the digital copy of the NFT to the physical original of the artwork, making them one.

Any artwork is a unique unit of creativity that any copy cannot replace. the painted artwork has a selected spiritual, energetic, intellectual, and historical value for the artist, society, and connoisseur. At the current realities and with the rapid development of blockchain technologies, including NFT, art has switched to an electronic conveyor format, losing its spirituality and uniqueness of painting and leaving only the material value.

Even so, a few young artists create unique artworks in the NFT, while maintaining the spirituality inherent in physical work. Unlikely, most of the artists do not use NFT, have several issues understanding new trends, and do not realize the prospects in this direction.

The NFA assists artists in understanding NFT and further promoting their physical work through NFT while maintaining the uniqueness and spirituality of the work.

An NFT copy of the painting will act as a business card and a passport of the authenticity of the author’s work. Ask us about it?

The main Idea

The main vision of combining physical painting with NFT is to maintain authenticity and its intellectual property.

By merging your painting with the NFT copy, the original artworks will be fully bound to its NFT copy forever with a fully open base of information about the creator, and past and current owners of the painting, registered in the smart contract.

In our case, the NFT will act as a work of authenticity certificate confirming the authenticity of the painting. At the same time, the artist will own the copyright on all his works with payable royalties due to him from further resales. Anyone can view the creator and owner of the painting at any time, this will help prevent the illegal resale of artworks and distribution of illegal copies of paintings.

The advantages

The agency’s philosophy is a win-win in terms of benefits for both parties. We want to offer a chance for artists to join the current NFT trends and keep up with the time.

Artists who approach us will be chosen based on several criteria. Once an artist’s work has been confirmed, we handle all aspects of its sale, insurance, appraisal, shipping, and advertising.

In addition to financial support, we also wish to provide artists with a respected name and acceptance in the artistic community.

A lifetime royalty is one of the key benefits of collaborating with us in our marketplace. In other words, even after the sale of the paintings, the artist will receive a certain amount for every subsequent sale for the rest of his life. Besides, since the smart contract contains information about the author, royalties can be paid straight to the author’s crypto wallet.

The NFA acts as an intermediary and receives a share of the sale of the artist’s artworks. The artist negotiates for a percentage, which will be stated in the contract.

There will be additional advantages for 10K collection participants.

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“From Intangible to Real” The first NFT collection house which is connecting traditional art and NFT.