Spring approaches bringing Earth into happiness,

The darkness and cold of the winter shall pass.

Allowing for insects, animals to show themselves

And Frolic through the grass.

Spring means that the Earth is warm,

The weather reflects that of the people.

People radiate the Earth with affection and love

This warmth reaches the stars above.

When the stars come out and the moon is big,

Hold your loved one close.

Watch the stars shoot across the sky,

Love one another until the day you die.

And when that day comes,

There will be rain

That pours from the face

As your loved one say a final grace

A ballad to you

And the memories you’ve shared

All the good times and bad,

They feel alone and sad.

You’re loved one will remember you

All the memories you’ve had

Remembering everything

And never forget you when winter turns to spring.


Man I am

Strong, Courageous and Brave

Big, Tall and Wide

Constantly in need of a shave

There are norms I follow

Some I do not

Maybe it’s the way I was raised

Or I just forgot

I am a man of love

Romance, and Care

Someone with affection

Someone that is there

I am a man of hope

I believe in others

Because in God’s image

We are all sisters and brothers

I am a man who is scared of bugs

And snakes for that matter

Heights are an issue

I won’t even climb ladders

But does this make me any less of a man

To some maybe

But who knows and who cares

I am a man as far as the eye can see.

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