White and Blue

Is it blue and white,

Or white and blue

Guess that shows

How long I watched you

From white at home

To white on the road

Through thick and thin

Only loyalty I’ve showed

From the days of Mogilny

Sundin and Clark

My favorite leafs

Looked to be coming out of the dark

And then a collapse

A rebuild of sorts

Ripped the leafs apart

And made them the worst team in sports

New managers here

And coaches there

I watched my poor leafs

Through the darkness and despair

When all hope was lost

There came Lou, and Shanahan

The Leafs were on track

Following a new plan

Rebuilding the core

And acquiring picks

They took a new shape

With just a simple fix

Babcock was ready

The rookies were too

To wear with pride

The white and the blue

With Marner on wing

And Andersen in net,

The Leafs looked ready

The Leafs looked set

A playoff push they did

Looking to spoil

The capitals fun

By getting Brian Boyle

They fought real hard

And gritted their teeth

But now they are golfing

With Tiger and Spieth

And that’s okay

As far as I know

Those tiny leafs

Put on a really big show

I’ll always cheer for them

I hope you do too

As long as I’m living

I’ll wear white and blue.