This tweet took down twitter in Oscars 2014 (1M+ retweets in the first hour) …

And twitter didn’t expect more than 1 million retweets — see the ugly retweet count below ☺

How it looked like in 2014:

How it looks like today:

In some cases you want to share your email messages to friends:

  • Share an old email chain with a friend — usually someone who was on on the chain in the first place.
  • Tweet copies of your acceptance letters to university: vanity.
  • Publicize annoying marketing emails: public shaming companies —- maybe then the recent email marketing craze will calm down!
  • Forward an email to a large group of people without CC-ing all of them.

So, what’s the easiest way to share an email to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or other social media? Use nFiles!

Forward your email to…

Sometimes you just need a simple, one-off web page without having to deal with hosting, domain registration, and FTP, or signing up and learning how to use a CMS. Then you need nFiles.

There’s no sign up. Just type up an email using your favorite email client, send it to nFiles (, and you’re done.

nFiles handles text formatting, images, and embedded media for you.

Step 1: Send a mail to

Step 2: You’ll get a reply from nFiles shortly.

What is nFiles?

nFiles is a simple file & web hosting service. You send emails to to upload files to the cloud or create a hosted web page. People use nFiles for these things:

  • Upload files and share the private URL to friends on Facebook or instant messengers. E.g.,
  • Create a quick anonymous web page and share to Reddit or Twitter. E.g.,
  • Share an email message on social media. E.g., twitter
  • “Ideal for journalists and citizen reporters in crisis situations as well as for many other reporting, sharing and educational uses. “ from Review Blog News.

How to use it?

It’s as easy as…


Simple web & file hosting via email. Mail to, get short URL to share. No signup, free, unlimited & no expiration.

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