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Stages of Building a Business as a Startup

Stages of Building a Business as a Startup

Startup founders focus on their product, but often forget that building a business around it requires many stages

Unfortunately, these two are rarely closely coupled, and navigating all the stages of building a business is typically the more challenging task. But I’m not one to rain on your parade.

Thus one of my first objectives as an adviser is to assess an entrepreneur’s current ability to navigate the stages of a new business, and then give them guidance and direct assistance on what to anticipate and how to prepare for it.

I found real confirmation of my approach and much practical guidance in a recent book, Entrepreneurial Leap, by a friend and cohort, Gino Wickman.

In the spirit of helping you avoid some of our own learning experiences with startups, I will paraphrase here the nine key stages that he and I both see most businesses going through in their evolution from a startup to a successful and stable…



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