Keep these 5 tips in mind while selecting shoes for cheerleading

Cheerleading is a delicate yet strong mix of balance, agility, and symmetry. Any shoe won’t go for performing such art. Cheer shoes are made specifically to address the issues related to cheerleading. Make no mistakes while buying cheer shoes for you and exercise caution before you purchase one.

We have come up with a list of tips for selecting cheer shoes for your cheerleading practice

1. Buy shoes designated for cheerleading

If you think you can pull off cheerleading stunts in your sneakers because they look comfortable too, you are wrong. If you are new to cheerleading, you have to exercise more caution towards selecting cheer shoes for you. You will never go wrong with cheer shoes from Nfinity.

2. Keep in mind your position

Any cheer shoes won’t work for you. What works for sidelines will not work indoors because both the situations demand different material, dependant on the floor and rigorous cheerleading activity. The tumbling, jumping and performing gymnastics will require a good pair of cheer shoes.

3. Keep comfort and safety first

Cheer shoes are meant to reduce the impact of stress on your ankles and foot so that you don’t sprain them with your cheerleading practice. Different cheer shoes tackle different pressure point to support your movement. Buy cheer shoes from Nfinity for your first cheerleading practice.

4. Own at least two pairs of cheer shoes

Every cheerleading experts will advise you the same thing because indoor cheerleading and outdoor cheerleading needs a different set of shoes. You should not wear out one pair of cheer shoes with your strenuous practice sessions. One cheer shoes for everything will wear it out fast.

5. Make sure to change your shoes after every season

Cheerleading is no child’s play. It takes a lot of efforts to perfect the stunts. Hence, if your shoes show signs of wearing out, especially the soles and fitting, you should replace it with new ones. Shoes tend to get worn out after every season. Hence, it is advisable that you change it regularly for better performance and agility. Get your perfect cheer shoes at Nfinity! Check out the website to browse through all the collections in cheer shoes perfect for every feet and occasion.

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Originally published at on June 23, 2017.