How to Use RSS Feeds to Automatically Download Anime

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Shit out of luck ever since nyaa closed down? Well the good news for you is that HorribleSubs (and other sub groups) are still up and running, and you’ll be able to get anime on those sites. There’s a way to make it easier on yourself and not have to check a website several times a day to see if an anime that you’re currently watching has a new episode out.

I’m going to show you how to use RSS feeds to automatically download airing anime of your choosing. To be able to do this, you’ll need to:

  1. Go on your fansub site of choice (I’m going with for this article since they have the widest selection of anime.)
  2. Open up qBittorrent (Any torrent client will work for this, but for the sake of myself, I’ll show you how to do it on qBittorrent.)

Step One

Go on and click the RSS button (it’s the furthest right button on the bar below the banner.)

Step Two

Once your cursor is over the RSS button, click the resolution you watch anime in. I watch it in 720p so I’ll pick that one.

Step Three

Copy the URL at the top.

Step Four

Click the RSS tab on qBittorrent.

Step Five

Click the New Subscription button.

Step Six

Paste the RSS feed URL and press OK (The URL should already be pasted in).

Step Seven

If your RSS feed page looks like this, you’re on the right track so far and ready to move on.

Step Eight

Click the RSS Downloader button.

Step Nine

This screen will open up.

Step Ten

Click the green + button.

Step Eleven

Type the name of the anime you want to download (I’m picking Sakura Quest for this article), and then press OK.

Step Twelve

Assign where you want the file to go, click the checkmark next to HorribleSubs RSS (under Apply Rule to Feeds), and do whatever else you want, and then click close. Your screen should look like this before you close it.

Side Note: Normally you would need to add something like “720” to the end of the Must Contain line so your RSS feed wouldn’t download the same anime two or three times in different resolutions, but horriblesubs is great enough to split them into different categories, making our lives way easier.

Step Thirteen

While your RSS feed will automatically update on its own around every 15 or so minutes, click Update All if you want your feed to update now instead of waiting that long.

Step Fourteen

If you have followed all of the steps correctly, and your anime of choosing has a new episode out, your RSS feed should be able to pick it out and start downloading it.

Side note: If it’s halfway though a season and you want to add a RSS feed to a show you want to begin watching, you’ll probably have to manually torrent the episodes that aired first while the RSS feed picks up the latest episode. The RSS feeds for sub sites aren’t infinite sadly.

Step Fifteen

Once your anime is finished downloading, watch it on Crunchyroll ;).

I hope this guide helps you out. It has saved me hours in total searching for new episodes of anime that I’m watching.

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