I recently completed University of Waterloo’s Introduction to Computer Graphics Course. If you’re a present or future computer science student at Waterloo: This was one of the most interesting and challenging courses I’ve taken at the University; definitely check it out if you can (especially if it’s being taught by the wonderful Craig Kaplan). Fair warning: The work load is quite high.

The course work consists of four assignments covering OpenGL basics, the graphics pipeline, hierarchical modelling, and ray tracing, as well as a final project. For the project, I chose to extend my ray tracer from the fourth assignment…

In April 2016, a user wrote in wondering why their profile said they were following 6 people but it was not possible to see who they were.

Thus began my month-long journey that ended in triple distilled, single-malt scotch whisky.

The Bug

500px uses a MySQL-based master/slave database to store the most frequently accessed user data. I quickly narrowed the cause down to how we store who follows whom. That data lives in one database table, “followings”, that’s structured like this:

| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | |-------------|------------|------|-----|---------|----------------| | id | int(11) | NO |…

Nick Frasser

Software Developer at Structura Bio. Aspiring photographer. Alleged hipster. http://nfrasser.com

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