I think you’re simplifying the articles you’ve been reading — at least it looks like a…
Ian Gloude

I meant full-stack as for “I can (and want to) code anywhere possible. Mostly in JavaScript.

I do not brand myself as a ‘full-stack’ but as a ‘full-stack JavaScript developer’. The article title is probably missing those 2 additional words.

Anyway, I would take a better term describing this since it looks like the “full-stack” term is way more misunderstood than i thought.

Unfortunately i didn’t find one. Except, maybe describing myself as a JavaScript developer only.

But it comes with its own risks. I do not want to be tied to front-end only or back-end only since I think it does not always make sense if one wants to reuse code (universal JS, PWA etc …). It is the huge win of choosing JavaScript, why would one avoid it by creating silo positions?

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