NFT Bunny Hole: The Path Forward
4 min readJan 27, 2023

MINT IS LIVE: 5555 collectible bunnies living & picking carrots on the Polygon network.

NFT Bunny Hole Genesis Mint Link

This collection of amazing art was created by Brazilian artist Igor and Leticia. Launched in March 2022 on the Polygon network, currently less than 50% minted.

Bunny Hole — Genesis NFT

NFT Current Leadership

A new team has taken over ownership of the project to help lead it forward. Both a visible presence in Web3 preforming many jobs for various NFT projects including Discord server moderator, head moderator, social media manager, collaborations manager, community manager, public relations and Twitter Spaces Host. You can find their Twitter social media profiles here:

NFT Bunny Hole Roadmap

This roadmap will span two collections as they are tied together. There was a vision for a lifestyle brand and merch line tied to an IRL store in Brazil. When the original founders had to step away the following was the new plan that was conceived to keep it along the same ultimate goal.

A lifestyle brand and merch line.

With no money currently in the treasury and an existing community that deserves the best we can offer this is how we will execute our plan to bring value.

Staking is already implemented and holders are earning carrot $CRRT for use within our marketplace that is currently almost ready to deploy. In the marketplace holders will be able to use their $CRRT to purchase various NFTs or bid on more rare NFTs. There will be further uses for $CRRT in the future.

Funds from the mint will be used:

By the team for building the brand.

The Bunny Hole Genesis collection is less than 50% minted, as the mint progresses we will have the funds to purchase on secondary 20 Bugatti Group @bugattigrp NFTs. (20 is the current number needed for a NFT collection to have their IP placed on luggage for the chance to be sold in retail stores, soon that number will increase. We will purchase the required number at that time.) This is a way to earn passive income to the community wallet. (3 eth)

For contract development and art generation of the Bunny Hole — Otherside collection that will mint on the ethereum blockchain. The art and layers are already created by Igor and Leticia. It will be a 10K piece collection.

To further the roadmap and purchase the following for their IP and usage of Bunny Hole.

2 Alien Frens NFT (1 eth)

1 MAYC, 1 BAKC and 1 BAYC NFTs to be used on luggage and merch along with a Bunny Hole Genesis and/or Bunny Hole-Otherside NFT. (20 eth) (10 eth) (80 eth)

51 Oddstronauts NFTs to stake for $BOBA, 51 is needed to begin talks on opening a IRL Boba Tea franchise. The plan is to have signage with our Oddies, Alien Frens, BAYC, MAYC, BAKC and Bunny Hole NFT IP. (1 eth)

The following will be purchased to earn passive income to put towards the community wallet.

1 Flyfish Club NFT, a Gary Vaynerchuk, David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon’s private dining membership sushi restaurant located in New York. The only way to gain access and make a reservation is by holding the NFT. Holders can lease the NFT to earn passive income. We will lease the NFT and also raffle off usage to Bunny Hole holders.

Flyfish Club Member (4 eth)

IRL Boba Tea Shop fund ($40,000 USD)

Purchase ApeCoin to stake ($20,000 USD)

Violetta Zironi NFTs for membership in the Violetta Zironi council and ability to book for future community events.

9 Moonshot frames (6.3 eth)

6 Gypsy Heart frames (6.3 eth)

Sammy Arriaga, for the community to have the Ultimate Utility and ability to book for future community events.

1 Pulse Pass NFT (.06 eth)

5 METAGIRL NFTs (1 of each color heart) (1 eth)

12 Pixelated NFTs (different song versions) (3 eth)


Bunny Hole has new leadership, no treasury, very dedicated to building this brand.

Minting the Genesis Polygon collection will help move Bunny Hole forward including minting the Ethereum Otherside collection.

Mint funds will be used to build the brand and purchase these IPs:

(3 eth) 20 Bugatti Group NFTs

(1 eth) 2 Alien Frens NFTs

(20 eth) 1 Mutant Apes Yacht Club NFT

(10 eth) 1 Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT

(80 eth) 1 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

(1 eth) 51 Oddstronauts NFTs

(4 eth) 1 Flyfish Club Member NFT

(25 eth) IRL Boba Tea Shop franchising fund $40,000 USD

(12 eth) Purchase $20,000 USD ApeCoin to stake

(5 eth) Violetta Zironi NFTs 9 Moonshot frames, 6 Gypsy Heart frames

(13 eth) Sammy Arriaga NFTs, 1 Pulse Pass, 5 METAGIRL, 12 Pixelated

(174 eth)

Mint Funds Note

We will execute the roadmap as the mint progresses and not wait until mint out. This roadmap is our current guideline subject to change if market pricing conditions increase and we can no longer within budget obtain any of the listed IPs above.

Bunny Hole — Otherside

Join us

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MINT IS LIVE: 🐰 5555 collectible bunnies living & picking carrots on Polygon | New Team Ownership Twitter @TheRevMMJ @Yashiro1101