Weekly Updates [21/09/2021]

Legend Player Sales #2 / Tokenomics / Audit

Welcome back to our weekly updates! As promised, we will continue with this form of announcements moving forward!

Just a quick recap on our last update:

September Week 03 ( 15–21 September) — Whitelist addresses / Player Presales / 88% whitelist

September Week 04 ( 22–30 September) — Tokenomics / Player Sales / Audit / Whitepaper / Pool

October week 01 (1–10 October) — Public Sales of NFT11 tokens / Farms

October Week 02 (11–17 October) — Stadium Mechanics / Sales announcements

We are now in September Week 04 and on our way to our Second Legend presales!

Legend Presale #2

Rules of the Legend Presale remains largely unchanged except for some adjustments that are made after feedback from the First Presales. Let us address them down the list:

  1. Reaction Time :
    For the 1,575 who managed to catch our announcement 24hours before the First Presale, congratulations on being one of the first to own NFT11 Legends! The first batch was sold out in a matter of mere minutes! However others were not quite as lucky to have caught the announcement in time nor had time to react, and felt left out. Thus we have decided to extend a longer time between the announcement to the actual presales.
  2. Time Zone :
    “I had to come up with an excuse to skip work to participate in the Presales!”
    As HILARIOUS as the team found this feedback (which appeared more than once from different users), it was never in the team intention for you guys to choose between your priorities! We sincerely apologize for not considering that you guys had a life outside of crypto (we have sold our souls to crypto and NFTs). That being said, we have decided to launch our Second Batch of Legend Presales on 25th September, 15:33 UTC, on a weekend where most of us (we assume) have a day off from work!
  3. Wallet Compatibility:
    There were a couple of feedback that you guys could not connect using some wallets, mainly Binance Chain Wallet. Binance Chain Wallet will be added into the list of wallets to connect to NFT11 Dashboard to mint Legends. As for the other wallets, what the team would suggest is to use [WalletConnect] to bridge your wallet to NFT11 Dashboard.
  4. Fairness in Legend Presales Distribution (1/2):
    We hear everyone in our feedback channels, even though some were more aggressive than others, we understand when grievances are aired due to lost opportunities. Many were worried that there isn’t enough Legends to go around for all Whitelisted wallets before Presales end. Let us do the maths to assure you guys:
    {total # of whitelist wallet = 4,576} x 3 Legends Each = 13,728 Legends
    Total # of Legends Released for the Presale = 14,250 Legends
    The numbers are pretty straightforward!
  5. Fairness in Legend Presales Distribution (2/2):
    Having said the above pointer, the team has decided to add in one more layer of assurance that everyone who is whitelisted gets their Legend. Allow us to explain:
    The entire Presales lasts for 3 months, and comprises of 12 x Weekly batches to fully release all 14,250 Legends for whitelisted wallets. At the end of the entire presale, ALL whitelisted wallets must have at least minted 3x Legends, or at least given ample opportunity to mint them. As such, we are implementing a queue system where whitelisted wallets who have not minted a Legend in the previous batch, would have priority in participating in the upcoming batch! We seek the kind understanding of current holders of Legend players to take this gracious step back and allow those who have not gotten theirs to be able to mint their first Legends. Only when all 4,576 whitelisted wallets have at least minted 1 Legend, we will move on to being able to mint your second Legend.
  6. Total Legends Supply and Distribution
    There were some concerns that the team was adding more Legends into our supply due to the past and recent Airdrops. Rest assured that Legends are and will always be a FIXED supply:
    Total Legend Supply = 47,500
    30% for Presales = 14,250
    30% for public presales = 14,250
    20% for public sales = 9,500
    20% for marketing = 9,500 ( giveaways and airdrops )

The Rules of the Legend Presale

  1. Only wallets addresses that participated in the IFO are whitelisted to mint players during this entire presale.
  2. Legend Presale is released in weekly batches for a total of 3 months.
  3. Total amount of Legend released for this Legend Presale = 14,250 Legends ( 30% of total supply )
  4. 1,575 Legends players has been minted in the first batch of Legend Presales
  5. Second Batch of Legend Presales will start on 25th September, 15:33 UTC
  6. A total of 1,500 Legends will be available for mint during the Second Batch of Legend presales
  7. **NEW** Only whitelisted wallets that have not minted any Legends in the previous Presale will be able to participate in Second Batch of Legend Presales.
  8. Legends are to be minted with 6 NFT11$ tokens. (pNFT11 tokens redemption will be rescheduled, more details on this below)
  9. Only a maximum of 3 Legends Players can be minted per wallet in the entire Presale.
  10. Only a maximum of 1 Legend Player can be minted per batch.
  11. Airdropped Legends DO NOT count into the limit. The limit is strictly for Legend Minting.


We have written our smart contracts for our Tokenomics as well as our vesting schedule and we are ready for our audits! We have contacted both Certik and Paladin Security and have received a quotation + timeline from both esteemed auditing service provider.


As mentioned, the audits are essential for the security of both us the developers as well as the community who are invested with us, and we will not proceed with launching any Farms / Pools / Public listing of NFT11$ before the audit findings. The expected timeline for a completed audit would be about 9 days due to the high demand of their services. We are still within our projected timeline of Public Sales on the first week of October if things go accordingly to plan!

This about concludes Part 1 of our weekly update! Part 2 of the updates will come in 2 days time!

Hear from me again soon!

Chance “TheGnome”



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