NFTLaunch Just Got a Major Upgrade

The cryptocurrency market is in a state of constant flux. Staying on top of this ever-changing landscape can mean the difference between achieving mediocre results and being an industry pioneer.

This makes it one of the most thrilling and rewarding industries there is while simultaneously positioning it a hotbed for innovation and progress — where forward-thinking always beats clinging to the tried and tested.

At NFTLaunch, we have listened to the voices of our community over the past several weeks and have analyzed the NFT landscape and its expected direction. While NFT art collections will almost certainly continue to see rampant growth and adoption over the coming months and years, the utility of NFTs is being vigorously explored in dozens of other niches.

We are beginning to see a dramatic uptick in the number of NFT projects building more ambitious products, many of which also include a standard utility token as part of their developments. As the scope and utility of NFTs become better explored and they become increasingly used as part of more ambitious developments, we expect to see them being woven into a large proportion of projects in some shape or fame.

With this view in mind, we are pleased to announce that NFTLaunch is expanding its vision and will begin supporting Initial DEX offerings (IDOs) for groundbreaking projects in addition to its current NFT Decentralized Offerings (NDOs).

We made this change in order to provide our community with access to the most sought-after opportunities in the fast-paced blockchain landscape. Now, tier holders will gain access not only to NFT-centric products, but also those where NFTs are simply part of a broader product — such as those in the blockchain gaming, trading, or merch niches.

The platform will, of course, remain free of gas wars and offer fair distribution, while providing users with FREE NFT airdrops for exciting upcoming projects.

Still Just As Accessible

Other than making NFTLaunch more inclusive and ambitious, not much has changed when it comes to how you interact with the platform and participate in launches.

The tier system remains the same, but users will now be able to participate in a range of exclusive and highly sought-after projects via IDOs and NDOs. These IDOs will span across a wide range of categories, including NFT, Metaverse, gaming, DeFi, social, and more, the NDOs will encompass a wide range of projects primarily building around NFTs.

For the IDOs, higher tiers will receive a guaranteed allocation based on pool weights whereas for NDOs, they’ll receive more (or rarer) NFTs to mint — plus access to exclusive low mint NFT projects.

To put this into perspective, staking 20,000 $NFTL tokens on the lowest tier (NFTStarter) gets you guaranteed allocations for all future IDOs and NDOs. Whereas the other end of the spectrum, staking 180,000 $NFTL tokens for the highest tier (NFTAdvance) will provide access to the largest IDO allocations and the best NFT packages (for NDOs), as well as exclusive private sale allocations for select projects.

Rest assured, our mission to support charities, and buy back and burn NFTL through various mechanisms remains unchanged. Likewise, if you’re part of NFTL just for the NFT opportunities,, we’ve got you more than covered — a range of top quality NDOs are already in the pipeline!

This change is the catalyst for a more future-proof NFTLaunch, helping to provide our community with complete exposure to the rapidly growing breadth of the NFT landscape. As always, we are driven to continue our mission of developing new systems, strategies, and solutions that lead to ground-breaking NFT technologies, experiences, and opportunities for our users.

The word for one of the first IDOs to come to NFTLaunch is already out. MetaVPad — the one-way ticket to a virtual utopia where anything and everything is possible will be set to blast its way onto NFTLaunch shortly.

You do not want to miss the upcoming details for the IDO, so make sure to subscribe to the official channels below.






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