How to create a XUMM wallet?

What is a XUMM wallet, and how does it work?

How to get started?

  1. Download the “XUMM — XRP Wallet” app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Set up a passcode; this is a six-digit combination. The password will be required when signing transactions. Alternatively, you can sign transactions using biometrics such as Face ID.
  3. Read and accept terms and conditions.
  4. You can now create an account by pressing “Add account,” “Create a new account.”
  5. You will then be prompt to save the secret key numbers; we suggest storing these in a safe place.
  6. Your account has been created! But not activated :( To activate your account you will need to first deposit 10 XRP into it (this is the reserve amount). The XRP can be sent to the new account from an account on a DEX.
  7. All done :) you can now start transacting on the XRPL using your XUMM wallet.



NFT marketplace built on XRPL.

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