How to Promote your NFT on Twitter


What I’m about to tell you is going to sound strange.

No Monkey Business

How-To succeed with Twitter

Twitter is the social network of choice for NFT & Crypto enthusiasts.

What Should I Tweet?

Do your tweets look like this ?…

If you want to learn what content people connect with on Twitter, follow the data.

Creating content

Call To Action (CTA) Tweets

Be realistic about the value of your NFT

Opinion Tweets

Gonzo Tweeting

News Tweets

The Tweet on the Left is auto-published by Twitter from the news link. The bottom of the image is cut off. The Tweet on the right is more appealing and only took a few more seconds to right-click, save, and upload the image.

How-TO Tweets

Creating a Twitter Schedule

In Conclusion



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Mr. Josh (Gonzo Marketing)

Mr. Josh (Gonzo Marketing)

Music Business Major Label Marketing consultant, NFT Collector & Writer. Supporter of human creativity.