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Minty Revolutionizing the Art and Music World

A fresh new smart NFT Marketplace is here! MINTY is one of the first cross chain interoperable NFT platforms. MINTY is also known as

For the last 50 years, musicians have worn the proverbial ball and chain. Artists have been forced to sign up to record labels that take 60–95% of their profits. Labels then make artists produce content they normally wouldn’t even touch. Why? It’s simple. Mainstream radio stations only deal with certain labels, so in order to get any air time musicians have to sell out to them. Many times making they are forced to make extremely…

Minty is a Fresh new Platform — Minty aims to be the number one site in the Music and art community — —

In the past artists would have to hire a promoter, tour to the point of exhaustion in the hopes that a major record label would pick them up, and eventually if they were so lucky one or two Mainstream songs might be played on the radio so people would go out and buy there music.

The Minty Platform believes that system is archaic and is designing a new archetype to allow incredible, and undiscovered talent the ability…

MINTY Marketplace is the upcoming NFT platform for musicians and bands.

It will allow artists to create and deploy their art into the blockchain and sell it as fully traceable limited edition non fungible tokens directly to their fans and followers.

Artists will decide the prices, stock, rules and features of their art distribution and keep 100% of their creative rights.

MINTY Marketplace is being actively developed by a professional team and it will feature a decentralized governance system featuring $MINTY token, non-mintable with an initial supply of 40M of which at least 50% will be burned in two manual…

$MINTY is the fresh new governance token for the new Minty NFT Marketplace platform. In our platform, performing artists and digital artists can sell their content directly to their fans as Non Fungible Tokens. The $MINTY token will be redeemable for rare exclusive content, VIP events tickets, early access to content pre-sales and airdrops. Minty owns the top rated domain which ensures a constant stream of new users.

One of the hottest things about $MINTY token is frost burn. That’s how we call our supply cut, price pumping and great incentive for early investors and most loyal holders. …

A Token To Save Churches

This year has been a year unlike any others in human history. This year with the pandemic many have stood still in disbelief. When the pandemic flipped the world up side down we saw the stock- market crash, and the bitcoin market fall to a staggering 3k to a meteoric rise of over 60k!

People were forced to work from home, children to work online, and Sunday Worship suspended. This is the first time in our human history that the house of God was closed. …


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