Searchie is an AI-powered platform to match candidates with employers based on a psychometric analysis of facial expressions, social metrics, and relevant skills.

I worked with them as a UX Engineer in 2018 to create an MVP platform for candidates to talk to an AI-based chatbot and build a micro-social network for employers to interact with recruiters.

About the project

The driving force behind building Searchie was to fix the traditional recruitment process which heavily relied on a fixed group of recruiters who matched candidates according to skills, as opposed to cultural fit in an organisation, early in the recruitment process.

To clarify…

When you’re on the web, you read.

You read stories, you read the news, you read your friends’ status updates, and you read movie reviews. You’re reading this article.

Commonly, you come across a website, with a dull background colour, text which is illegible, cluttered with advertisements, and a thousand links which lead to nowhere. It’s a nightmare, in short.

A cluttered website

We’ve discussed how inconvenient it is to navigate online in order to find exactly what we need. But, we can only imagine how it must feel to someone with a learning disability, like dyslexia, to do the same.

Nishant Gadihoke

Forbes 30 Under 30, UX Engineer

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