How your community can help you win $100k — A case study in crypto

As much as we tend to talk about how powerful communities are for crypto, the effects are sometimes unseen by the major populace. Many altcoins just out of ICOs struggle to really bring an engaging community to their field.

When one knocks it out of the park, it’s a sight to behold.

Such is the case with PayPie and their victory in the $100k App Showdown by Intuit Developer. The $100k App Showdown is an event sponsored by Intuit focusing on new and innovative small business apps published between 8/16/17 and 8/15/18. The top ten not only got a spot at QuickBooks Connect, arguably one of the most prestigious events in the business sphere, but also a chance to present to a panel of judges in the competition for a $100,000 prize.

To qualify for one of those ten spots, an app must prove the strength of it’s community through a voting process which started on August 16, 2018 and ended September 16, 2018. Community members were able to vote once every 24 hours.

Normally, only the strongest of companies and communities have the muscle to pull in enough votes to make it into the top ten. In that respect, PayPie’s victory showed they could go the distance and then some.

The community came together through the positive attitude and continued efforts of both PayPie and Ngaged community managers to advertise the event and spur excitement and activity. In return, the excited community managed to surge PayPie straight through the ranks to take the win in style.

This incredible effort was cataloged and charted by an enthusiastic member of the PayPie Telegram community, @Crypto_Rambo.

Helpful chart by @Crypto_Rambo

The green line, representing PayPie, starts just barely in 5th with PayPie neck and neck with Flowless, eventually skyrocketing to take over first. Normally quiet community members became regulars showing their pride that they voted. Users posted gifs, talked excitedly about the place in the votes, and even created content based on the ongoing event.

It’s amazing to see what a community can do when they come together under a common goal.

The hard data, courtesy of @Crypto_Rambo

As the chart shows, over a 12 day period PayPie has managed to garner an average of 377 votes per day, with its closest competitor averaging around 320.

That’s an incredible 17.8% higher than the closest competitor!

Expanding user engagement through community events is one of the best ways to create positive buzz for your growing project. It shows your customers that they are integral to your success and makes them feel valued above that of a simple customer. This is inspiring in the crypto ecosystem as many companies will simply tell the community about events that are occurring without actively involving them.

Let’s break down the facts.

During the period of August 4–16th there were :

  • 32 Active users on average
  • 136 messages averaged per day
  • An average of 4 messages per user

Let’s compare that to September 4–16th when the event was taking place.

During the period of September 4–16th there were :

  • 54 Active users on average
  • 281 messages averaged per day
  • An average of 5 messages per user

That’s more than double the average messages per day just from a simple competition!

This is the kind of prolific engagement you want in an expanding, customer focused business.

Customers coming together, building up a company and showing the full force of their support to put them on one of the biggest world stages. If you build and drive engagement by utilizing competitions, activities, voting, and conversation, all of your efforts will help build that thriving community that every business should strive to attain. Through all of this, one thing has remained true: a community with a common goal can do powerful things for your company’s future.

A company with a great community is a company that has an immeasurable tool at their disposal.

Bringing a scattered community together for a common goal day after day is a difficult, time-consuming task even with an all star team. Everyone in the PayPie community should give themselves a round of applause, as it’s no small feat accomplishing this. If you want to join in on the fun, check out the Telegram and learn all about the project.

If you’re looking to nurture a great community of your own for your crypto or blockchain company, be sure to check out and get in touch. To learn more, take a look at one of our recent articles on why community management matters.

Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see you next time!