This week in crypto: Serena Williams invests in Coinbase, Educated guesses lead to 45,000 eth, and the long awaited Golden Cross appears. Keep Ngaged #14

Welcome back to the highlights of the crypto news world, Keep Ngaged! We hope all those celebrating had a happy Easter. It seems things are starting to churn the waters once more as divisive opinions on the near future of the markets are beginning to grow louder. Between the bears and bulls, indicators are starting to appear that may indicate a large movement in the market. Whether that’s up or down is still remained to be seen. Before we hop into this week’s hottest news, let’s check with our clients to see what they’ve been up to!


Eximchain continues to move forward with its governance applications, while on Easter weekend they released the third and final part of their breakdown on quadratic voting. It’s a great guide on the revolutionary concept, and worth reading to make sure you understanding the ins and outs of quadratic voting.


It’s update week at PayPie, this Friday being their end of month update blog post. Great steps have been made in order to create even more features for their SME kit, while they have ensured all paperwork requested by regulators have been filed successfully and awaits the regulators decisions regarding next steps.

Everybody’s favorite podcast site has been featured on producthunt! Check out their page here, and give them a hand at reaching an even wider audience as the hottest podcasting platform in crypto!


It’s no surprise that we’re into games. After all, blockchain gaming is one of the biggest and least discussed cases for blockchain integration and tokenization. We look forward to hearing all about the latest projects in crypto gaming!

In a surprising turn of events, an individual has managed to do what was thought impossible. By seeing patterns developing in faulty random number generators and less than secure code, an individual has managed to guess private keys to ethereum wallets, amassing nearly 45,000 eth in their efforts.

Another day, another celebrity starting to take notice of Cryptocurrency. This time it’s the Olympic medal winning superstar of the tennis world, Serena Williams.

Analysis from around the web:

Let’s take a look at what a few experts have to say around the current price action of Bitcoin and Crypto. Please remember that these are strictly the opinions of third parties and these authors are not affiliated with Ngaged.

Sentiment and Politics:

A sign of an impending bull run for many technical analysts has reared its head this week, with bitcoin performing a long awaited golden cross on its technical indicators. While we’re all hopeful of a price jump in the crypto markets to offset the devastating 2018 year, it should be reminded to always have a stop loss set for those jumping in now. Risk aversion is always better than losing everything, and proper investing strategies always start with a level head.

Another pattern we’ve begun to see is projects moving ahead with focus leaning towards regulatory approval. We’d already seen major player begin to add it into their business strategies, however Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Digital Market Assets at Credit Suess believes we still have a culture among our banks to overcome before crypto can begin seeing even greater adoption. It’s exciting to see how any impending price actions may hasten or even cause regulators to possibly lean back to see what may unfold. The future isn’t always concrete, but we have interesting waters ahead coming into the mid year.

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