JS-JUNKIES (We Love JavaScript Community)

js-junkies is a micro-tech community based in the Silicon Mountain the habitat of Buea Technology Ecosystem.

It is gradually not just focusing on code any more but turning towards bringing together an interesting group of JS enthusiasts and non enthusiasts primarily to create an environment for #COMMUNITY and then looking forward to seeing how this community is contributing to slidifying the JS Community.

For decades opinions about JS have been varying. Some people love the language, and others hate it but what we want to push out here is that despite all these, there is no doubt about the awesomeness of the COMMUNITY like ours which has continued to contribute and create extended communities around the universe in honor of this awesome programming language.

During the advent of JS , it’s primary purpose was to give another feel to the existing web pages more than what the old syntax or tags could give. Now it became one of the powerful languages used by most popular companies and that was how JS conquered the web.

Now we are beginning to conquer the community. We Love JS.