Image from https://blogs.ubc.ca (summary of the Allegory of the Cave)

The journey to Entrepreneurship is inevitable. I went further to retrospect how we started and where we are finding ourselves now, which is not different from Plato’s “Allegory of the cave”.

A very great analysis that suits the tech industry and entrepreneurship journey today as we move towards the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
No one who can claim that their story has been autonomous. Someone has to walk you out of the cave. The starting point of every entrepreneur is like a man entangled in chains and is seeking to be free.

This can only be accomplished by how we commonly put it. “Detach in order to attach”. Some people will not agree but it is not possible to walk out to light all by yourself.

As an Entrepreneur, despite the abilities we may have to think, to implement and to deploy if we are not inline with the community then our walk out of the dark cave to light may be slowed down. We usually find ourselves repeating certain things which we had to tackle right at the very beginning.

Community is power. I will like to call it “the source of life to today’s Entrepreneur. It does not matter if it is just two or three persons. As long as you are not alone, it is a good start. We decide to leave our families, our villages and our cities, to move to new areas where we think we can have a progressive growth. This could be because someone we know has been there and saw potentials, and shared what he has seen, with an invitation to come build our dreams together.

Finally someone holds your hand and tells you to get up and go out of this cave. You are right at the door and you want to step out. The light is too bright and you use your hands to provide shades to your eyes to prevent temporary blindness. Then you discover that the brightness of the light will not harm you, and you’re going to be just fine.
Now, you discover that you have the power. The power to innovate, the ability to design, the ability to take risks and start up on your own. You can’t see through the tunnel but you have to go on.

Once we step out of the cave, we discover a natural desire to get back to the cave with a lamp so that we can share our experience and make everyone know that the light is beautiful. That is the spirit of community and leadership in you as an entrepreneur.
In the wake of the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Week, let us look back into ourselves. Let us continue to nurture the community spirit because this is where our success lies hidden. We needed the aid of someone to lead us. With the community spirit in us let us also turn back and keep building out communities and leading those still in the cave to come out to the light.

Therefore let us get into the global entrepreneurship week with a strong message for those who still think community is not the answer and let everyone know we are stronger because of our community. Long live the Silicon Mountain Tech Community. Long Live the Rochester 
(MN) Tech community.