Top Ten UX Design Conferences/Events

Here’s a list of ongoing design conferences and events in the upcoming year. Conferences are a great way to connect with others in your industry, participate in knowledge sharing and gain new insights to bring back into your team.

1.Adobe MAX
Where: San Diego, CA
Cost: $1295
What: For creative professionals

2. AIGA Design Conference
Where: Las Vegas, CA
Cost: $450–1300
What: Design

3. O’Reilly Design Conference
Where: San Francisco, CA 
Cost: $1,795-$2995
What: IoT/Tech/UX

4. NN/g Usability Week
Where: Various cities including Houston, LA, Chicago 
Cost: $997-$5,157
What: Research/UX

5. Convey UX
Where: Seattle, WA
Cost: $1395
What: Tech/UX

Where: Depends on year
Cost: $450–1350
What: Research/UX

7. TypeCon
Where: Seattle, WA
Cost: $220–430 
What: Typography

8. UX Immersion
Where: San Diego, CA
Cost: $725-$2,375

9. CHI 2016
Where: San Jose, CA
Cost: $1,400
What: Design/Research

10. Enterprise UX
Where: San Antonio, Texas
Cost: $1395

I reside in the Seattle area but feel free to add events in your area in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my design work if you’d like.